Monday, January 01, 2001

[PHOTOBLOG] Marina Barrage

One of the (currently) less known sweet spots on this little island, Marina Barrage attracts many, all of whom go there for different reasons.
It was the first time I have been there in the day, the previous 2 times were moonlight rambles - one of which took place while it was pouring elephants and whales.

Anyhow, we are talking about THIS trip.

Car Park B. This is where you'll be redirected when the main car park right outside marina barrage is full.
I think it used to be the old car park where the steam-boaters used to park.

It's now very overgrown, and it attracts birds, bird watchers, and bird photographers.

Cute little Peaceful Dove strutting around the overgrown parking lot.

Marina Bay Sands.

From the centre of Marina Barrage.

Under the highest part of the arch.
There's grass on the top, and lots of people fly kites from there, have picnics, walk their kids and dogs...
I didn't go up... It was too warm.
There's a fountain in this picture, seems like it's the new escape theme park, the number of kids and parents who paddle around in it.

An owl! Sleeping in the arch.

The Singapore Flyer as seen through a sculpture.

A few scenery shots...

Sunset. :)

Tesla roadster. Uses less electricity than a desktop, charges in one hour, and runs for 600 km.

Parting shot.