Thursday, April 24, 2008

[ 24042008 10.15pm ._. ]

just thought it was a cute face to put.


guys are all the same, aren't they. lol. for that matter, women are all the same. was thinking of this taxi driver who was telling me about his paranoid wife. about how she will @#$%%$^ when he looks at another female that passes by. even if it was for a split second.
she stays in msia, works in desaru as a purchasing manager. and he's been driving taxi's in SG for 30 years. he has to married sons. and he still spends hours and $$ calling her long distance. he waits for passengers, and speaks to her on the phone, she hears the passing traffic and asks him if hes by the seaside. =.=

its like. nothing you can do is good enough for you. <-- intentional, cos i'm doing a 3rd person thing.
but you don't see it unless you're not in it.



Monday, April 21, 2008

[ 21042008 12.42pm EIP ]


我不過是可愛 卻還不夠被愛

Sunday, April 20, 2008

[ 20042008 9.53pm 接下来。。 ]

其实是想很久以前继续写下去。。。 可是。。 太忙,太累,太烦。。 没什么力气/心情再写。。

i mainly want to talk about the XcN Ks match most. i can supply the draft and all, but i think that most people would have seen the replay or have discussed it sometime.
what fewer people would know, is that XcN was actually raping Ks. until Lakuci- centaur, disconnected at around 11 minutes. i think the frags at that point in time were wildly in favour of XcN.
Post remake, Ks played a much safer game, and XcN didnt get as many chances to kill.
an unkillable necro, a high damage sf, and excellent back up... and Ks wins.

following the games, (and a mass lot of waiting ) we walked over to novotel to have a post event dinner celebration thing before making our way back to the hotel. more drinking and card games ensue, and we return to our rooms. feeling real thirsty, dawn and i make a trip down to the 24/7 mart, and spot 3 of them (shall leave them anonymous) skulking around downstairs planning to 兜风, or so they say... end up teaching them bridge, having instant noodles and sleeping for 30minutes before we had to jump out of bed and go to the airport.
KO-ed through out the trip back and was rewarded with halfblocked ears.
then, i went home and ko-ed somemore. GG. the guys took the later flight back, and we met up with them for supper before they went back to msia.
during supper, we learnt that zenith missed their flight back. gg. o, we also spotted 2 zenith members coming back to the hotel at like... 4am on the last night... oo" so questionable! (ok i'm just trying to act gossipy here only. dont anyhow think)
and that more or less sums up the Thailand trip. ^^
best meal : chinatown seafood
best moment : Ks downing XcN's throne

during the recent KTV sessions, i have discovered a few more chinese songs. okay, call me suaku, but well. 死了都要爱 背叛 一了百了
and i rediscovered hai kuo tian kong!

i think i've toned down alot regarding song crazes, but i'm still very much a music-song person. meaning, if i hear a song playing in a random shop somewhere i will run in and ask for the title before searching everywhere for it.
if i cant get the title and artist, i will write down the lyrics and search til one day, i find it. and if i forget it, i will remain grumpy for a long time... and if i eventually find it, the euphoria!!!

Monday, April 07, 2008

[ 07072008 9.32pm thailand ]

first, let me apologise for the weird writing. my head doesnt seem to be working properly. the english is freaking weird and awkward to read. but i want to get the thoughts out quickly in case i forget them...

the drama begins.

after an entire work day, through which i was restless with anticipation, i set off in the pouring rain with my normal work bag, and a paperbag of stuff and headed to the airport, meeting ice who was wearing his shirt inside out on the way. dawn was jumping up and down too, because they were late in going out, and they were going to deposit the car at her place before going to the airport.

i made a discovery, airasia is at terminal 1, not the budget terminal. =D

ice and i check in first, and await their arrival.

apparently, cai, anna, ymt and ppx are bundled into one cab at 615, while dawn, xiaoma and xiaogui (the ony 3 of the entire bunch mentioned who can speak decent ENGLISH) are driven there by Bryan. upon reaching, no one can find anyone else, because all the hp lines are messed up. rofl.


after much discussion and stress, he decides to renew it in the morning and catch another flight. so he goes back with Anna (thank goodness she came along with cai). IN THE MEANTIME, we were on the verge of missing the plane altogether because of the lengthy debate on "WHAT TO DO!!!". when we finally cleared customs, we discovered that OUR GATE WAS AT THE FURTHEST AWAY POINT OF THE ENTIRE TERMINAL. if you dont believe me, go check it out the next time you fly from terminal 1. D48. and man, it WAS FAR.


dawn and i run to the gate as the entourage of boys stroll slowly along behind us. and we all get mass yelled at by the staff for being the LAST TO BOARD THE PLANE. and yes, they REALLY scold you.

so after getting our large bottles and liquids thrown away, we board the plane to mass glares from the already seated passengers.

fyi, we entered the gate at 2026. 4 minutes before it was to close.


the ensuing flight was relatively painless, just that i had to fill in a bunch of immigration cards. upon reaching the airport, we managed to lose our way in the terminal before finally meeting up with Dome and other event staff.

we bundle into the van and check in to the hotel without incident. thankfully.

supper was at a noodle joint down the road, apparently its famous and was on some TV program. what i had was excellent, lots of veggie, flavourful soup, and the rice noodles were cooked perfectly.

we then went to visit a nearby lanshop and got some pictures taken for a local gaming magazine. i think its gsquare? i'm not sure. but i was promised some copies.

day 2

dawn and i wake up decently early, but we are overall LATE because of the boys who are impossible to awaken, and they share one bathroom. haha... 5 of them. we spend a large part of the day in the vip room at siam paragon 5th floor waiting, and doing interviews. we do manage to have lunch at MK restaurant though, while dawn goes off with Dome to wait for ymt at the airport.

so, fyi, Razer.Kingsurf will be on air on the 22nd April, channel 60 Truevision. the program name is "DOTA Mania" and it airs every Tuesday from 830pm-9pm.

i'll get the video of their interview up soon. its so strange to see them sitting there, looking so serious when usually they are koking around laughing at each other. it will be uploaded on the internet after the program airs on the 22nd april. i'll post the link once its up. ^^

there was also these bunch of chio basketballers in the vip room with us. they were fooling around with basketballs and getting their make up done. they were REALLY REALLY polite, like, when they walk by me, they greeted me, even though i was like stoning on the chair and we weren't introduced or anything. later on, i discovered that they were celebrities of some sort, for a basketball game called Free Style.

and while looking for a photo of those free style guys, i came across more coverage of the Ks guys here-

Let's now move on the their first match, which was a stage match. they were pitted against Trust, one of the top teams in Thailand. there were MASS problems with the setting up, keyboards and monitors, the match dragged for a good 3 hours before finally commencing at 6pm.
Top 32 Razer.Kingsurf vs Trust (thailand)
bans : ks- na, potm, lina // trust - bb qop puck
picks : ks - lina(ppx), ts(xiaoma), skele(xiaogui), sandk(ice aka cai), luna(iceiceice)
trust- treant(i think!), wl, antimage, zeus, ck

[there were initially 128 teams, if i'm not wrong, which played against each other prior to the event, and the top 32 teams made it to the event at siam paragon, which is called ESTC 2008 (E-Sports Thailand Championship), which was held in the Bangkok Interactive Game festival. Zenith, XcN and Razer.Kingsurf were seeded into the top 32, in brackets such that they wouldnt meet each other til top 4.]
dinner following the game was in chinatown "yaorawat", near nam sing. seafood! which was fresh and sooo cheap. on the way back, ymt and xiaoma, who took a tuk tuk, got lost for the good part of the night, ended up in another hotel (mandarin hotel, for the record, called up our hotel recep telling them that 2 of their guests were lost HAHA) and stumbled into the room while we were playing cards. (20SGD cards ok! wtf...)
i had chivas+coke and was pretty hyper. so the night felt good. waited for XcN to arrive, said hi to them, then went back to the 15th floor with dawn to our hot room to sleep.

day 3

Dome met us again in the hotel and escorted us to our 3rd day at ESTC where they vs HoW, ranked top 4 team in thailand which they won pretty easily. the day started slowly, and we spent a large amount of time in the VIP room relaxing and sleeping before the game.
bans : ks- na spec potm // HoW- lina bb qop
picks : Ks- beastmaster(ppx), ts(xiaoma), sf(teh), mag(iceiceice), thd(cai)
HoW- puck, wl, skele, viper, treant.
we took a train to MBK, (mabookong?) and spent our evening there. dinner was some eeky local fast food place (bad choice by teh) and i got two imitation bell and ross watches for my colleagues.
what happens next PISSED ME OFF!!!
i took a cab with xiaogui, xiaoma, and teh, and WE GOT LOST FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS. halfway through, the cab driver got off to ask for directions, and teh went to get some street food and got scared by a bunch of fighting dogs. lame. and xiaogui's contact lens dropped off. the journey was so long that we were tired out from singing long before we even caught sight of the hotel.
back at the hotel, dawn went down to sleep, and discovered that the telephone wire was plucked out when she tried to call room service. she freaked out and came back up to join us in our card games and chivas. ppx got pwned (like the previous 2 nights) and had to mass drink til he puked. haha...

the finale. ie. yesterday.

despite having drunk alot the night before ppx was up early and assisted in getting all the slugs out of bed. dawn's a really good alarm clock btw. she simply hops out of bed and gets everyone going in the morning. im so not a morning person... zz.
we meet Dome again, the last of the 3 teams (xcn, zenith, ks) to assemble in full force in the lobby and drama ensues when cai's psp cannot be found. dawn and i run up, search the room and return with it to find that most have left for siam paragon already. we scuttle there as fast as we can, register and start the games early. there are 3 rounds in total, should they win all.
Underminer creates a live update thread on lowyat and then its up to me to update him as best as i can as the day goes by. good thing for my black berry, which can go online... or i'd have an enormous phonebill cos he was threatening to call me up often.
Top 8 match - Ks vs SIM.XL
bans : ks-na skele treant // sim- bb sf mag
picks : ks - qop(teh), lina(ppx), thd(cai), rk(xiaoma), panda(iceiceice)

Ks vs Trust (another trust team i think. this one had jackets)
bans : ks-na mag sf // trust- bm sandk bb
picks : ks- potm(teh), lina skele(cai) tms tb(iceiceice) >> starting to forget who was what
trust- qop puck razor luna es

am too tired to continue... i shall finish this tomorrow. haha...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

[ 02042008 5.16pm evolution/growing pains. ]

from noob baby ...

to gosu feeder.

well done tammy, well done.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

[ 01042008 1.05pm so much for being fooled. ]

excellent day. which i spent grinning helplessly at the computer as more and more things piled up and crashed over in front of me. some things cant be helped. like a women's monthly period, and the final week of the month pressure cooker of sales people trying to hit their targets. going haywire once a month is simply not fun.

dinner+coffee was cool though.
"your sitting position shows how big you are"
*licks the pestle
and a whole lot of other ridiculous comments which almost got me laughing til i puked.

forgive me if i think you are dumb. but i think there are other things i would rather spend my energy doing. and this just isnt something i would spend an excessive amount of my youth on. i believe in doing things while i'm young, as opposed to waiting til i'm too old, or dead, to do them. instant gratification? perhaps, but i want my experiences now. when they are available. the only thing between me and them, is you, you, you , and THIS.

if i had my way with things, my life would be so different. probably not so "accomplished" probably a little more "wasted", but probably more fulfilled.
alot more fulfilled, and less empty. less regretful, even.

not that i've been a total stick in the mud. i've just been biding my time and keeping my wings clipped. i just need to... stretch them. fly. go astray for a while. and hopefully find my way back.

incidentally, i love dreams where i'm flying. there is just this awesome feeling of freedom and nothingness between you and your goals.

ant called to rant again tonight. and he got me thinking about the reasons why you get a bf/gf. he was saying that if he were to get one now, it would be for all the wrong reasons.
so maybe its not about being attached only. how about marriage. marriage is about exchanging one set of freedoms for another, one set of problems for another, one set of restrictions for another. if marriage were an institution, then the husband and wife should be the CEO and Presidet. its all about functionality isnt it.
how many people believe that they marry for love, only to find themselves disillusioned after a while. the things you look for in a boyfriend, vary greatly from the things you look for in a husband. the set of roles and responsibilities are worlds apart. not that i've been married before to know all this... its probably my onesided view... but well.

talking to the Ks people introduces me to another kind of life, and society, where getting married at 16-19 is normal. where schools are for kids below 16. and work is non-existent. in the near future at least.
but thats all besides the point.
having a lifelong companion has its perks. if you can get over the way he smells after his soccer game, the way he eats his dinner, burps after drinking, lounges around in boxers, pees on the toilet seat etcetc. knowing someone is there for you no matter what, to share the emotional, physical and financial burdens.. is just, WAY TOO PRACTICAL to miss.

its a long way off for me i guess. for more reasons than the obvious.
i'll always remember one line from my sister. "dont marry to escape."
how true how true.
i'd rather a lifelong partner without sex, than marriage.