Monday, August 22, 2005

[ 21082005 3.28am | all the eye candy. and some not so candy-ish ]

one of my shocks. haha... its like seeing your teddy bear come to life. but kakashi happens to be one of my anime crushes. not only is he damn good looking (YES! he IS, under that mask of his... although us faithful naruto followers hae yet to see it...), he is a perfect gentleman (non-existent in real life) and damn sey, damn talented... *gushes*
anyhow, he's one of those ficticious characters whom i wish would just come to life... he's only 26, by the way...
this guy did a pretty good job with the hair, the eye, and the stance. however, the kunai in his hand look like metallic fingers... which is a waste.

our friendly chee ko pek, jiraiya-sama, talented and horny. this cosplay actually does look a little like him. not that i'm saying the poor guy looks chee ko pek... but ok well. jiraiya is one of the naruto characters i wish we got to see more off. his just so hilarious.


other than the outfits, that is. the guy looks like a sleaze bag, not a sey yandao. he definitely does not do squall justice. the girl, maybe can... with plastic surgery and rebonding. but her stance is totally wrong with that outfit. shoulda worn the gold / yellow one instead.
i mean.. come on... THIS is squall, scar and all. and man, he looks good.

and on to my present FAVOURITE.
ROY! *=)
who does NOT look this this kok

this is like... a total insult to the lady killer, roy mustang. thats a... chinaman!
at least the next one, looks a little more like him. cept that... its actually a LADY in that outfit!!

for those not on my msn, or those who havent seen my msn pic (prob cos your msn is like... dinosaur age) this is roy (*melt)

not much to look at, you may say? i beg to differ, roy has gals falling over themselves just to talk to him. sure of himself, (gorgeous), loyal, (gorgeous), protective,(gorgeous), a high ranking officer (and a gentleman), (gorgeous), talented, (gorgeous), aloof, (gorgeous), painfully just, (gorgeous), sarcastic,(gorgeous), ... ... gorgeous?
he's the kind with a hint of "bad guy-ness", the kind that only one special lady can pin down for her own exclusive use.

btw, the full metal alchemist cosplay site i got the good roy photo from is here. PLEASE go take a look. they are extreme cosplayers, and their work is AWESOME. the armstrong is PERFECT (but a little less muscular than the real armstrong) and the edward is very on the mark too. hawkeye and winry are a little too plump, but the costume and makeup really really well done. i'm not usually so liberal with my praise, being a horrible critic... so this has to be something.


Saturday, August 20, 2005

[ 20082005 1.16am | finished, i guess. ]

it was one of those stories you wished would never end, the kind that left you in an imaginary world, yearning for more of the characters, more of the scenery, more exploits... more anything, just more. like... the chronicles of narnia, or lord of the rings... that kind.
the last few pages are agony... on one hand, you really want to know what happens, the conclusion to the build up of many pages, on the other, you want to slow down because the end just means... theres no more. deciding what to do, a mental battle occurs, in the end, the want to know what happens wins out, and before you know it, you're at the blurb.
stories are stories, and they all end, eventually, no matter how much you wish they would go on and on forever. even harry potter will end, so i was told by daryl today.
what can you do at the end of a book? well, there's the option of re-reading it, but then, you'll never get the same satisfaction, or the same feelings re-reading a story you already know. you can dwell on the longing and yearning for a while, but in the end, moving on to another book is the only realistic option.
somehow, after a really good book, the next few books one reads will read a little hollow. in the shadow of a really good read, mediocre books just dont deliver.

it'll take a while to find my next good book.


this one's for you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

[ 10082005 5.07pm | stuck.again ]

it always turns out this way. just when i thought i crawled out, i find i'm nowhere near the end. its like the neverending poverty cycle, the nightmarish maze without an exit. everywhere is light, bright blinding light which bleaches everything the same colour, so bright that i cant see. i walk around in this brightness stumbling repeatedly on various objects, all hidden in the light. its like having repeated dreams of being hunted and awaking right before i'm killed.

i've crawled to the border of light and dark again. to take a step more, or take a step back is the difference of 2 worlds. all at once, i'm wishing i would wake up from this hunted dream... or simply be ended in it.

then again, maybe this whole bright world is just an internal vision of my room at 5pm when the sun shines in, waking me up.
one thing i'm sure of, is that school has started, which means i'm gonna resume blogging.


living alone is great. it has its fair share of perks and freedoms. but living alone with responsibilities is a little different. freedoms are curbed, perks are dulled. responsibilities make the world a better place, but they make the individual a whole lot heavier.


nus is having a gaming competition... how i wish i could take part, but. i dont have a team. i mean, i do have a team, but they aren't from nus. what a waste. i'm pretty sure we'll trash everyone else.


just wanna draw the curtains around me to block out all this light... and go back to sleep...
[ 02062005 1.26pm music meme? ]
[ 10082005 1.22am delayed and deleted ]

[edit - this post has caused me much headache. so it better be read properly!]

been passed the music meme baton from joie. so i guess i better get down to it soon

total volume of music files on my computer
239MB + 3.11GB
you do the math. i hate math.
anyhow, my computer's a laptop, and had a 30GB hard disk. so i've had to burn mp3 cds and dvds to keep my harddisk free enough to run. in all, i think i burnt 2 dvds and 4cds full.
although i now have an upgraded 80GB hard disk, i dun think i'll clutter it up again with music files.

the last CD i bought was
jay chou's "qi li xiang"
he's pretty good, but i think that that last cd didnt really live up to ye hui mei. but then, ye hui mei is hard to beat. for the record, i dont buy cd's cos i think they are a waste of money. but because i like jay, i bought it to support him. rather than pirating it. (although i do know that most of the money doesnt even get to him...)

song playing right now
nothing's playing right now. if music's coming out of my com these days, its usually the warcraft theme. haha.
but if i had to play a song, i'd probably choose lyric by zwan.

5 songs i listen to, or mean alot to me

1. ace of base - i saw the sign
now this old, strange song, is what i classify my primary school song. simply because it was hot at that time, and its the song that brings me back to that era immediately. you know how when you hear something, you sometimes cant help remembering a time, a scene etc of something that happened when the song was playing.

2. RGS days songs - westlife, 98degrees, boyzone, samamtha mumbar, and a bunch more that i cant really remember...

3. puddle of mudd - blurry.
rj + kai xiang song, simply because he introed the song to me in the rj canteen while we were studying or hanging out before training [or posing]

4. evanescence - my immortal
cos its beautiful.

5. recent songs that got stuck and wont go away... maybe cos i heard them alot in hall last sem
britney spears - everytime
ben jelen - come on (which is also a kenny song... kenny as in floorball kenny)
dashboard confessionals - vindicated
huang yida - lan tian
ji mo bian jie
ash - starcrossed