Thursday, June 21, 2007

[ 21062007 2.48pm breaking the silence ]

once upon a time, i used to be able to enter my blogger details without even thinking about what i was typing. my fingers were so used to typing they didnt need any signals from my brain.
but today, i actually entered the wrong login info, and had to think about my password.
goes to show that.......................

i've been neglecting this site.

anyway, my chosen topics for the day are
porn and lovebites.
lets start with... lovebites.

this topic was inspired by a horrific sighting at pastamania. my first thought when i saw the girl was that someone had tried to strangle her with 3 fingers. the bruising on her neck was so purple, even a grape would be envious.
staring at the way she practically flaunted her mauled neck, i started wondering...
you see, lovebites, like a pregnant belly, yell, "HEY LOOK! I DID SOMETHING SNEAKY WITH MY OTHER HALF!!" they are real time proof of sexual acts. which kinda explains the "stigma" (the " " cos some people dont find it a stigma, indeed, they are proud of it) of wearing a lovebite in a prominent place.
if you need further illustration, would YOU sport a lovebite to a family dinner?

pregnancy, however, is more widely accepted, maybe because the governmnet condones it. (actually, more like encourages it) also, its more or less seen as a necessity to continuing life on earth. lovebites however, scream pleasure and enjoyment, decadance and all the other evils frowned upon by the greatest religions and moral teachers of the world.


now, on to PORN.
porn is something totally unavoidable nowadays, merely surfing websites, which could be totally unrelated to porn, like techie forums and so forth, are prone to those awful pop ups of top naked women and such.
so what happens when you discover that your son, or even worse, your dad surfs porn?
lol... what would you do? a reply i got from mingwei was that he would clean his com and the surrounding area with bleach. lol. i personally dont find 2d photos of naked people a turn on.
at one point, i was surfing porn... to check it out. and i even got the "tammy" porn, (may i stress that i am NOT from nyp) out of curiosity from some of the bnet people.
as a result, my desktop got some bugs. or the bugs could have been a result of me downloading some game with hidden bugs in it. whatever it was, my com default internet page was some xxx site. so i called my dad to the rescue and i was like "think i surf too much porn already..."
haha... but my dad, being my dad, had no big reaction. other than reformatting the com, that is.

so much for breaking the silence on my blog.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

[ 06062007 2.23pm when it matters. ]

have you ever felt that there was something you wanted changed, very badly? and sometimes that something doesnt have to be about yourself. actually, when you want something about others changed, its more difficult than changing yourself.
next question, how do you go about making the changes? do you rush into it head on and plough through with the sensitivity of a sledgehammer, or would you choose the quieter, subtle way.

there's many things that i feel very strongly about. and if my mind's set on something, its likely i'm ready to die for it, ok, or at least face severe persecution for it. i try not to come on too strongly about most things. i cant take jokes well.
maybe i'm just too serious about everything.


having some weird twighlight zone feeling that i've had a conversation about something that i should know, but i just cant figure if its a dream or reality, and i cant remember what it's about. i almost got it, then was interrupted by someone.
its like trying to catch a butterfly in a fog.


interpersonal relationships are so... interesting.
i'm starting to become fascinated with examining why certain people say something, the context of it, the underlying currents, insinuations.