Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[ 24102007 12.43pm frownz. ]

its been tiring being sick, yet having to follow a normal schedule. but finally... i'm on the road to recovery! which puts me in a much better mood.

i've realised i'm the type of person who doesnt like to tell people how i feel about them. by this i mean, everyday people, who you dont feel VERY strongly towards, ie not enemies or <3. with regards to enemies or <3, i have no problems announcing my feelings, or at least making it black and white clear how i feel about them.

everyday people, like colleagues, not super-close friends... would just feel kinda uncomfortable upon gaining such insight into how they are perceived. of course it might be interesting, intriguing even, but "awkward" does come in to the equation of emotions too, i believe.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

[ 16102007 9.12pm well. ]

and feeling well isnt something that i'm enjoying right now. stay clear of me for the next couple of days or more unless you wanna get an mc to pon work/school.
i fell sick on fri night at GGKatong. sooooo... if anyone else is also sick, maybe i passed it to you then!

and speaking of fri night, it was a pretty interesting night, minus the CNA filming which interrupted my godlike puck game. seriously godlike! 4v4 bnet noobs... what to do.
mass girls. i like girls. they are nice to grope. like jiayi... maria... shan...


you know like how u smell a really bad smell, then u sniff again to make sure you smelt the bad smell...
or how u get poked by something, then u touch it again to make sure it poked you...
or lick a hot spoon again to make sure it was hot...

why do people keep on their path of self destruction, even though they know where it will lead them.

what is this strange sadistic fascination.


first day at Razer. learnt alot about how they work internally. and they all complain the office is too big, so they skate scoot around... lol... EVERYONE skate scoots. its quite funny.

Friday, October 05, 2007

[ 05102007 9.48pm OoshaunoO ]

meeting shaun for lunches are normally boring affairs. he likes to whine. alot.

last lunch however, ended off amusing.

me : (points at lady wearing skin tight tights and a thong. nice ass, thin legs) shaun see see... on your left. the lady...
(lady starts running across the road, her ass jiggling in the most fetching way)
shaun : wah lao tammy... you're a sicko leh, call me to see this kinda thing...
me : eh wat... i'm just trying to raise your awareness
shaun : har? i'm already wet enough [awared enough]