Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Love LANs

[thoughts of a half-asleep half high fish]

i've had my fair share of traavelling and experiences, but there's just something about a LAN event, experience which just cannot be replaced. and it can be experienced in so many different ways.
allow me to elaborate.

attending a lan event as a competitive team
this is a good mix of fun and not fun. its definitely an attention fest, but there are always lots of obligations to fulfil, and disagreements with the team, about when to sleep, when to wake, how to play, how to sit, what to wear, where to eat... the list goes on, but in general when you have 5 different opinions, and only one decision, its gonna be difficult.

attending a lan event as a sponsor
this is actually probably the most interesting of all, to me at least. i get the authority to do lots of things, and the access to all the different off limit areas of the competition area, as well as all the rights to talk to whichever player i want to.
its a very abusable position, especially when i attend as a sponsor and as a competitive gamer. if anyone offends me, i can always take that into consideration when i review their sponsorship! not that i'm being biased, but its all about the experience of the gamer, and how they relate to the sponsor. so if the experience isnt good, who better to evaluate than the gamer her/himself/ =p
in all serious-ness though, there are standards to adhere to, and most of the time, if anything goes wrong, its your fault for not spotting it early, and you have to fix it. so that's the stress, and not so fun bit.

attending a lan event as a normal visitor
one of the more boring things to do... you don't really have an agenda, and probably will get bored very fast. a visit to a lan event is probably just one of those things to d oone a saturday, as opposed to actually being the main feature of your weekend.

attending a lan event as a gf
this can be kinda fun, but it will suck if your bf isnt some gosu player who can get you access everywhere, so that means you're stuck outside the competition areas, maybe holding all his personal effects, like keyboard bag, wallet, watch, and straining your eyes and neck trying to figure out what his pixels are doing on the screen, together with tother people's pixels.
going as a gosu player's gf, however, is a different story, and this is the fun kind cos you get to pull lots of strings, act manager and basically experience the lan event as a successful competitior,  albeit vicariously.

my recent few events have been fantastic experiences, mostly of the sponsor/competitor genre though.
share your experience with me?