Sunday, June 05, 2005

[ 05062005 3.19pm | HFH ]

will be away for a week starting today. going to yogjakarta to build houses under habitat for humanity.
remember to pray for me and my church people!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

[ 01062005 11.41am | euk. ]

results out today. dont ask! i did ok, but nothing worth mentioning.

anyhow, been working at the ALL NEW EGAMES at KATONG SHOPPING CENTRE. the coms there are pretty good - amd 64, 6600 xt (or something) ati graphics card etc. 4meg line connection. super good.
been trying to form a cs all girls wcg team, and am wondering about vital signs 5v5 competition. anyone interested?
ran into many old faces over the last few gaming days... binary, yanie, bubbles, guggles, to name a few. most of whom hae converted to dota.

somehow forgot my internet banking id/password, which is like... the dumbest thing i could have done.
oh well. i'm not very smart i guess.