Tuesday, June 29, 2004

[ 30062004 3.26pm | KL ]

the kl trip was a blast man. spent our days there shopping at chinatown and eating good food. =) plus, i scored my first ever competition goal. it was ugly, but as banana says, its a goal nonetheless.
i have to be more diligent in my ankle exercises, and i need to get my fitness back. a little difficult, seeing as i am down with diarrhoea from dunno where. must be my mum's mushrooms. lolz.

anyway, i'm back for a while, before i leave, tentatively, on the 8th july, i think, for phuket with the rj bunch. gonna be working at egames once dilip gets my schedule confirmed. which means, no more late late nights, and more early mornings. shouldnt be too difficult since i just got back from 2 camps which made me sleep early and wake up early. yeah, i have no idea why i was so tired... everyone went to watch euro and i happilly konked off on my bed, only to wake at like... 5am cos shen came banging back into the room.
in accordance with the soccer fever, us gals came back to sg with a large bag of soccer jerseys from jln petalling night market. =) hehheh. i currently have holland, real madrid and argentina, which i think is very pretty cos its blue.
and, i have coloured contacts. for fun. haha.

went clubbing on the last night there, it was ok... spent most of the night sitting on the sofa watching bags cos i was feeling out of sorts. i mean, i actually took a panadol!

wished i could have pushed myself more for the games, but it was kinda scary. and tiring. as it is, i got a large bruise from being pushed by a large 15, which i just discovered yesterday.

basically just rattling and rattling...

missed the bandung trip presentation... sigh... would really have liked to be in church for it... and see my stupid photo. haha...

anyway, wm, glad ure ok, pity u couldnt get an mc... for those not in the know, he got banged down by a car while cycling. reason? she was a lady driver... -_-

lish, u back in sg? hope to catch u soon. yup, i'm still around that area... lolz...

Monday, June 21, 2004

[ 21062004 3.42pm | bandung. ]

just back from a week long trip to indonesia bandung. what can i say... the normally unsentimental, unfeeling rock (me) actually shed a few tears at the end of the trip. it was the total effect... plus the lack of sleep, plus angel's leaving...

after 2 months of preparation, and working to make the trip succeed, to see it all over gives one a bittersweet feeling. bitter cos we'll definitely miss the place and people tons, sweet cos you know that you've done something worthwhile, that it was a success.

took an air asia flight there, it was hell after the SIA trips that i'm normally used to. followed by a 5 hr bus ride, which wasnt too bad, considering ipoh to singapore took 12 hrs.

talked to the church people whom i grew up with, possibly more in that week than i have ever in my life. (yes shan...) and got to know the younger ones better. and got to listen to liyang mooning over weiling. and interacted more with pin yoon's and wee jin's kids...

food there was great. absolutely delicious... although picky ones barely ate anything other than rice (rachel grrr... must force feed one...)
the water was refreshing, colder than on mount ophir, beautiful after a long day's work building houses.
mornings were cold, smoke coming out of our mouths when we breathed and talked.

campfire night... friendship dance... huiyi and christian... lol.

(which i will continue writing about soon cos i have to run...)

Monday, June 07, 2004

[ 07062004 11.19pm | catch-up ]

toufu - i'm gonna be away 13-20 and 24-27 june. july would be great.
sophia - blocks? how u doing gal... =)
mel - sms me for immediate attention man! next week = ? and i'm not hardcore. i dont game 8 hrs a day. anymore. at least. so i'm not hardcore.


i love jasmine kok.

shes one of the VERY few kids that i ADORE.
check out wm's blog for more.
(ps. he loves her too)
(pps. so does thomas and weinurn)
wm, thanks for the link, i havent got my pic pages up yet.

the MHI (ministry for the hearing impaired) camp was really really fun. the kids are pure, and pretty innocent, with exceptions like jun chong who keep asking my if i'm attached to various guys... eg. weiming (ee), thomas (strong!), weinurn (least often)
haha... and theres this really sweet couple... awww... alvin and i forgot her name.

the camp was more for the volunteers than the participants... i believe we were touched and enriched... beyond compare. in these kids, i believe in the meaning of innocence, in pure joy, goodness, kindness, which overrides, or at least shines through, mischief and playfulness. and to make a cynic like me believe in all this... means it was something.

heres the 5 koks, courtesy of wm's link again

wei nurn, me, thomas, shen and weiming.
all from rj. not only did they make me believe that ruggers can actually act like normal people, they made me discover that they actually do have a heart to help, a soft spot (for jasmine), are great fun and are super chen(4) ji(1). see the photo... just take the opportunity to put arms around us.
anyway, rj ppl... will always gravitate to each other. thats a conclusion that shen and i came up with. you may not have talked much to each other in school, or even at all, but when u meet outside... theres always this common ground. the rafflesian spirit.

pretty sad that we missed talent night, because it was a huge success... most camps have really boring talent nights... but maybe its cos these hearing impaired have few chances to express themselves, or are unable to in other ways... but they shone... acting skits...

more about camp when i am more awake.

stay tuned for tons of unglam, funny and cute photos!


asri's wedding.
for the uninitiated, asri is my age, his bride is a year younger. both doing medicine in NUS.
amazing... i cant imagine anyone else i know getting married at this age...
should have seen them... they looked so happy...
it was like an rj gathering =) everyone, (well, almost...) was there...
desmond! u sneaky voyuer! glad to catch u there man... and ziyang too...