Monday, November 29, 2004

[ 29112004 12.35am | ROAR! ]

i cannot take this. i cant study anymore! or rather, i cant be bothered to! tmls papers... well, one i've been doing consistent work for, the other... is just unstudyable. the questions have barely any relation to the notes. ROAR! i'm angry! with my entire mind on organising dota competitions (anyone interested?) and world of warcraft and halflife and cs and getting a bird and a cat and habitat for humanity things... theres just no space for earthquakes and volcanoes and the pacific rim. although i must admit they do fascinate me somewhat.
i cant believe i have to go through this every wat... 4 mths? and that i have to do this at least 3 more times!!! i'm only half way through my uni! AHH!! and thats not counting honours!
somebody SAVE ME!!!


ok. need to compose myself.

doesnt help that i just had this super frustrating dota game.
(yes i am playing, the night before my final 2 exams.
somebody SLAP ME!!)

Friday, November 26, 2004

[ 26112004 7.43am | shit happens ]

ok. i broke my nail flushing the toilet. shit happens, i know, but 3 times in a mth? my nail is condemned.

ok guys... whats with the discussion on various games on my tagboard?
dont distract me... i'm distracted enough as it is... after monday pls. lol...
i just read the SEP (student exchange programme) site... cap for eligibility is 3??? only?? i'd have expected it to be like... 4 or something... thats why i never dared go check it out.

expectations. how they can scare you...
(hope my expectations of HL2 and WoW wont be dashed.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

[ 16112004 1.28am | rehi world! ]

hello hello, i'm so super busy i cant believe i have time to leave a few words here...
been working at the singapore motorshow 2004. relax... i'm not one of those race queens... i wear a super un-funky outfit, but at least its super comfortable! the shirt (ok... tank top. wide straps, like... 14cm wide) is a few sizes to large, same goes to the 3/4 pants i wear. really surprised that i managed to get a job, at such an event, which has such decent wear man.
got some pics, may post them up after exams if i feel like. lots of chio race queens there man...

anyway, some replying

zy - when exactly is it out?? soon right?
passer-by - lol... thanks. gaming is in my blood. its a habit i just cant kick... unfortunately for my studies...
wm - lol... fine. why not... bangkok? go shopping! phukets a little of a waste of money, even though its cheap. i have to start saving.
bearz - u dota too?? add me to your friends list lah... i'm in us west nick sephora ;)
yan - you toot. wat was it about those music groups you were asking me about? u trying to give them away or something? u have 5 more days to breathe than me... i end on the 29th. go out after that k!
dan - HELLO!! i cant wait to see you without your hair... haha... pop by the motorshow over the next weekend or something?

ok. back to work. =)
studying and working is not a fun thing... its really pretty tiring... and you need tons of self discipline... trust me on that.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

[ 07112004 11.13pm | wish list ]

things i feel like getting, but presently lack means to do so...
extravagance, to say the least.
"wants are unlimited"

- white lip gloss from bobby brown. for the ghostly look
- blue cowl neck backless top with beaded belt from mango. ( =p gorgeous)
- external disk storage for my laptop... say... 80 gig.
- world of Warcraft
- lord of the rings - 3rd age (i think) double player RPG
- time to play sacred
- more food.
[edited 08112004 6.05pm]
- halflife 2 silver edition. :)