Monday, November 29, 2004

[ 29112004 12.35am | ROAR! ]

i cannot take this. i cant study anymore! or rather, i cant be bothered to! tmls papers... well, one i've been doing consistent work for, the other... is just unstudyable. the questions have barely any relation to the notes. ROAR! i'm angry! with my entire mind on organising dota competitions (anyone interested?) and world of warcraft and halflife and cs and getting a bird and a cat and habitat for humanity things... theres just no space for earthquakes and volcanoes and the pacific rim. although i must admit they do fascinate me somewhat.
i cant believe i have to go through this every wat... 4 mths? and that i have to do this at least 3 more times!!! i'm only half way through my uni! AHH!! and thats not counting honours!
somebody SAVE ME!!!


ok. need to compose myself.

doesnt help that i just had this super frustrating dota game.
(yes i am playing, the night before my final 2 exams.
somebody SLAP ME!!)

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