Thursday, December 09, 2004

[ 09122004 12.33am | toilets. ]

i think people have a thing about clean public toilets. you cant really bear to dirty them. whereas dirty public toilets are free for all.
think cine 3rd floor toilets vs somerset mrt toilets.

anyway, why the comparison? cos i'm back working at egames. this time, the lan side. time passes a little more quickly there. theres more to do, life is more interesting. i think i till die if i have to go back to the other side now... lol... but then, that side has a lot of perm staff now.

took a look at boon's diamond back razor. its like the viper, but more moulded, with a kinda gay purple - green shimmery shell and side buttons. i'd prefer it matte black. or matte silver. cant say i love the color. but i wouldnt mind one anyway. lol.

preach was asking me what would make my heart melt. well, definitely not roses, teddy bears and jewellery, as what he was describing. the thought would touch me, but the items would be relegated to some corner soon. i'm a practical techie kind. or practical glam kind. (ie, clothes) lol...
plus, i've always had this idea that typical gal stuff if stuff for a typical gal, things that a gal is certain to like no matter wat. sorta like a model answer. so much so guys only think of those few items when buying presents for a gal. its like saying all guys like soccer, therefore soccer balls or soccer boots are a solution for all guy presents. yeah?
if a guy bothered to know you and figure out what you liked, he'd get something you liked. not something you're supposed to like.

erm... ok... how did i get here from toilets... lol

i like little boys. they are so humourous in their strange straightforward, totally unselfconscious, thick skinned way.
there was this little, ok... prob sec school age...but he was small... boy at egames today, who asked me to open his soft drink can after a fruitless attempt. lol! i mean, you know, he just like shoved it in my face and asked me why it couldnt open. and i was like at the counter doing my thing. like i was his mother or something!
today was a freaking funny day... poonam and i had a good time laughing at and with kary. somehow everything seemed amusing.
maybe its just the post exam invincible mode that i'm in.

ran into yeongshi and fam todae. year one sem 1 reunion man...

meeting my cousin tml. seems like all my female cousins love cats.

back to pandora. not splinter cell : pandora tomorrow (the pc game). a book. for a change.

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