Sunday, May 30, 2004

[ 30052004 3.58am | of bridge and ogres. ]

been a pretty fun couple of days.
had an overnight bridge session after floorball chalet at changi.
during which i managed to obtain various unglam photos. =p

i have a craving for lan, so i guess i will be visiting various lan shops with people who want to frag and wc. =)


to date, since hols started, i have watched
-interview with the vampire
-austin powers 1
-into the mirror
-austin powers 2
-shallow hal
-love me if you dare
-50 first dates
-the eye2
-starsky and hutch
-kill bill 2
-passion of the Christ
-the missing

and to add to the list, i just caught shrek 2 today. (wm, stop reading if u havent watched it yet)


i was putting off watching it for a long long time because it looked like another of those silly animated things...
well, i was right. it was one of those silly animated things, with a cliche ending. way too romantic and sappy for my liking. plus, the cinema was clogged with kids, even though it was a 2350 show. thats what happens when you watch a show on saturday i guess.
anyway, shrek2 did have some pretty good funny bits, but they were mostly terribly predictable. and the bits that would have been damn funny were spoilt by trailers and advertising, like the farting in the mudpool and burping at the table.
lots of spoofs though, that bit i appreciated. to name a couple of the most obvious ones, the lotr scene and mission impossible.
plot ran along the love-someone-for-their-character-not-their-looks thing, which is getting pretty stale.
love the cat though... love it to bits... adore it to pieces... watch the show, and you will understand why. theres something about large round eyes and a helpless look which sends people (not just females) awwwwwwwww-ing. excellent emotional exploitation.

all in all, its good for a laugh and to recall scenes when out with friends. afterall, who wants to be left out when everyones discussing the latest...

smile factor : 6/10
thought factor : 2/10
overall :2/5

Friday, May 28, 2004

[ 28052004 3.23am | love me if you dare. ]

love me if you dare.

one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life...
a little too romantic, but offset by the rather macabre ending, as well as various other twists in the story.
proves that real everlasting love... does not, cannot, exist purely in that form on this planet.

portrays to the molecule every single feeling, confusion, inner turmoil, ... ... , that comes with love.
excellent characterisation.

gorgeous... totally.

watch it.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

[ 23052004 11.48pm | tired. ]

karen : unfulfilled sexual fantasies... does not sound good... haha...


just got back from a short but really eventful trip to malaysia. drove up to ipoh to throw somemore wedding dinners for my sister. my mum's folks are malaysian see.
anyway, this trip, i experienced a cracked windshield as well as a truck's brake on fire.
the first occurred on the north-south highway when a small stone flew into my car's windshield, resulting in a loud birdshit sound. when you're driving at over 100km/h, anything small shit that hits the windshield can cause it to crack see. good thing for the sun-ex that my dad put on the interior. think that stopped the whole screen from shattering.
the second occurred near a circus (roundabout, for the less familiar...) in ipoh. there was a whole lot of smoke from the truck 2 vehicles in front of us. my dad was like, o, he's carrying alot of ice. (huh??) then the car in front of us pulled away just in time for us to see the tire of the truck burst into flames. after parking dangerously close to the truck which looked like it was about to blow up, my dad rummaged in the boot for the fire extinguisher. by then, the little malay man driving the truck had jumped out, stuck his hand into the flames and was pouring water from his coca-cola bottle all over his wheel, with little effect. then, like achilles saving the day for the greeks, my dad appeared with the tiny extinguisher which miraculously was large enough to put out the fire very effectively.


after which, he told us the story of why he always carries a fire extinguisher with him in the car.
back in the days when he didnt carry a fire extinguisher in the car, he was driving along ubi, near weiming's camp, paya lebar air base. a fighter jet was coming in to land from an exercise in tekong. apparently, this jet, after discharging the dummy bomb, did not withdraw its hook. so as it was coming in to land, the hook caught on a motorcyclist and dragged him and his motorbike quite a way, setting them both on fire. my dad, and the motorists around, were powerless to help... so they watched him burn.

traumatic eh?
wonder how many million extras that pilot had to sign...

Thursday, May 13, 2004

[ 13042005 12.38pm | dreams* ]

its really true. i only blog when i'm really busy. when i'm free and going out all the time, i have no time to blog, much less think.
but the brain still needs to work. and so, my thinking comes out in dreams.

had a super unrestful night last night, dreamt about having exams, a seaside camp...
my dreams are normally dark and kinda morbid. i dont have the sunshine and roses type of dreams. i dont ever remember having one. they're all like... horror flicks, vampires, murderers, people dying... the happiest dream i have is a recurring one about me cycling into a drain at the bottom of a steep slope. after which, i will kick myself awake.

i also have a dreamscape.
let me explain.
its like the world map, except that it exists in my dream world. i can recognise a place as one i've visited before in a previous dream, even though its seen in a different angle.
take my seaside dream last night : i have dreamt of this particular seascape, but the last time, i was in the sea, looking towards land. this time, i was on the shore, looking out to sea. yet, i could recognise that its the same place.

my seaside camp dream may sound happy and sunshiney, but no. it wasnt. the sea was murky dark, the waves were roaring, the sky was reddish grey... and someone who was fishing caught a shark which beat itself bloody on the seabed. after which i ate it.
and for orientation, i had to dive to a drop and get a handful of sand whilst being tied to an elastic band which prevented me from diving deep.
how warped.

but one of my most disturbing dreams... was about playing tennis with a frog. by that, i mean, using the frog as a ball, to play tennis. the aim, was to hit it so hard that it would smash up. at our feet, was a basin to collect frog smash. and the person with more frog smash would win.

the thing about dreams is... they are things which are in your subconscious. when i woke up from my frog dream, i was like... wth... thats how sadistic. then my mum was like, yar, and the scariest thing is that its all from you.

if dreams tell what a person is like... i wonder what mine says about me...

Monday, May 10, 2004

[ 10052004 12.47am | . ]

wow. my site is so screwed up.
its almost as screwed up as i am now.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

[ 06052004 2.57am | events ]

eric's stayover
ting ting is gonna get a smack courtesy of shen and i.
raffles move and groove. - which i will do anything to attend.


from a book about 1001 things to do that will make you think

- sit in a room, a quiet room, alone. call your name, slowly and deliberately, like you are shouting at someone far away. for 20 minutes.
this is strange, because, you are calling someone who isnt really there. on the other hand, you are listening to your name being called by someone who isnt really there.
to end this, say "here i am"

=go to a... clinic, dentist... watever. and wait there for 20 minutes. after 20 minutes, go home. you are waiting, but you wait for nothing.

interesting eh? its like... "fighting for peace is like f***ing for virginity"...