Sunday, May 30, 2004

[ 30052004 3.58am | of bridge and ogres. ]

been a pretty fun couple of days.
had an overnight bridge session after floorball chalet at changi.
during which i managed to obtain various unglam photos. =p

i have a craving for lan, so i guess i will be visiting various lan shops with people who want to frag and wc. =)


to date, since hols started, i have watched
-interview with the vampire
-austin powers 1
-into the mirror
-austin powers 2
-shallow hal
-love me if you dare
-50 first dates
-the eye2
-starsky and hutch
-kill bill 2
-passion of the Christ
-the missing

and to add to the list, i just caught shrek 2 today. (wm, stop reading if u havent watched it yet)


i was putting off watching it for a long long time because it looked like another of those silly animated things...
well, i was right. it was one of those silly animated things, with a cliche ending. way too romantic and sappy for my liking. plus, the cinema was clogged with kids, even though it was a 2350 show. thats what happens when you watch a show on saturday i guess.
anyway, shrek2 did have some pretty good funny bits, but they were mostly terribly predictable. and the bits that would have been damn funny were spoilt by trailers and advertising, like the farting in the mudpool and burping at the table.
lots of spoofs though, that bit i appreciated. to name a couple of the most obvious ones, the lotr scene and mission impossible.
plot ran along the love-someone-for-their-character-not-their-looks thing, which is getting pretty stale.
love the cat though... love it to bits... adore it to pieces... watch the show, and you will understand why. theres something about large round eyes and a helpless look which sends people (not just females) awwwwwwwww-ing. excellent emotional exploitation.

all in all, its good for a laugh and to recall scenes when out with friends. afterall, who wants to be left out when everyones discussing the latest...

smile factor : 6/10
thought factor : 2/10
overall :2/5

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