Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm a Na`Vi fan. Definitely am.
But not because of anything other than their skills, the way the team has stuck together for more than a year (which, in DotA is equivalent to eternity), and because from my interaction with them, I've come to like them as people.

But the recent advert selling their newly launched hoodie has got me raising my eyebrows (interesting fact about me: I am totally unable to raise just one eyebrow), and other people raising other things, probably.
I've always thought the media team has been doing a great job with their consistent coverage (as opposed to their recent... un-coverage...), product reviews and game highlights. The current direction they are moving in though, (seems to be... up?) isn't something I can say I'm happy about.

To quote v1lat's 2 tweets about the matter (this is a rough translation) [edited, thanks to panda]
"Well, this was the last fucking straw, alright. I'm unsubscribing the fuck from navi's channel. When will they be fucking her right on the stream? I mean, why not?"
"I do not know why I was so angry. But angry specifically. And then wonder why our country is called the country of whores."

If a Ukrainian caster can feel this way... it must mean something, right?

To be fair, almost all mainstream companies use sex to sell their products, services etc, so by those standards, there's nothing reprehensible about all this.
I do think, however, that Na`Vi is perfectly capable of moving those hoodies, based on star power alone. I mean, I'd buy it because I want to support the team, but right now, I wouldn't even want to share the link to that video because I don't want the money I'm indirectly "donating to the players" to contribute to the amount for hiring her.

No doubt, Polina is a good host. She's earned her credentials as a TV host, she's comfortable presenting, interesting sometimes, and probably a good way for Na`Vi to get into the mainstream media.
But she shouldn't be made into a reason to support the team.


Unknown said...

I think its not about shelling the hoodies its more the desire of make a conmotion, make the people talk about navi, and yeah every product use women to promote them, Pepsi use Shakira, Beyonce, Britney Spears; i mean Polina its not naked, Sports illustrated swimsuit edition shows way more skin, the same to interviu, Victoria Secret annual show, Navi use the stunning Polina to shell the hoodie, the same way every other company use other women. But i have to agree with you they could shell the hoodie only making Dendi/Puppey (the most populars players) tweet about it.

Panda said...

I'll provide more accurate translation of v1lat's words if you don't mind:
"Well, this was the last fucking straw, alright. I'm unsubscribing the fuck from navi's channel. When will they be fucking her right on the stream? I mean, why not?"

His second tweet is decently translated so I'm not gonna redo it.

Panda said...

By "her" v1lat means Polina, obviously.

Unknown said...

On the other way, men are use the same in marketing, a well know fashion store in USA make men stand around shirtless, thats sexist too... and Vilat well, Tammy are you see the vod of starladder women final, the words he and Toby use where very sexist.
Again i have to agree with you Navi can shell the hoodies only making Dendi, Puppey (Most mediatic players of the team, Puppey in talk dota and Dendi, well he is Dendi xD) talk about it, but they decide to use Polina, the same way Channel use Brat Pitt to promote Channel 5 or The Lakers use cheerleaders in the games.
Ps. Sorry for the language mistakes, english its not my mother language, anyway best wishes to you in your new job.

Anonymous said...

it is obvious that vilat - GAY

Tammy. said...

v1lat isn't gay btw, i've met his girlfriend, and she's a real girl.

Tammy. said...

Hi Pedro,
yes, any company or organisation can use whatever means they want to advertise/market, (the examples you brought up were different, but i won't go into that) but it doesnt mean i have to agree with how they do it.
i'm not stopping them from doing what they want, i'm just voicing out what i feel about it, and what my response to it is/will be.