Tuesday, January 23, 2007

[ 23012007 10.56pm woes.of.a.working.woman- ]

Oo woman ?
anyway... today got a little more interesting. i took a toilet break around 11am+ and found the whole ladies in uproar. why? cos footprints were found on the toilet seat. i mean, this is all well and fine in a public roadside toilet, say at the kopitiam or at the mrt station, or even in a shopping centre. but to spy this in your own company toilet, shared by a floor where everyone knows everyone, by face at least, is like seeing shit on your toilet seat at home. the cleaner was sharing her woes on how she could only clean it off using jif - the normal toilet solvents just didnt cut it.
so after cursing the inconsiderate lady with falling into the toilet bowl and wondering how she did it in heels, its back to work...


dad got me a psp memory stick, 4gb, cos the 2gb one was out of stock, and the 1gb one is too small. for $149! some good deal or...
and of course... thanks for the psp... =)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

[ 18012007 11.28pm amazed* ]

i still cant believe its 2007...
heres to my very first post in the new year! whee!

anyhow, i have just been totally uninspired to blog recently, also my personal life was just taking up too much of my time and energy, and blogging being slightly lower down on the priority hierarchy, was forgone.

i've been thinking, its hard to be a girl.
if you're fat and have a bf, people will say you must have a really good character.
if you're genuinely unhappy about something thats worth being unhappy about, guys will just brush it away saying its just cos of PMS. (or call you SCARY, rite ant?)
if you're hot and have many guys, you're called loose, and a slut, whereas the male counterpart is considered a stud.

there are just too many generalisations based on sex. people are people, they don't differ that greatly. but guys are just born with something missing in their genetic make up which makes them inherently inferior.