Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[ 24052006 2.38am post game pre sleep ]

just had a game with maki kw floor and gz. and i'm really tired now, i have no idea why though.
gxl has started. 2 games per week to fulfill for the next... 2 mths? eswc this weekend, we're entering with a new team. i mean, same name, just that we have 2 new players joining for this compie us. wonder how it will work out. the weird thing about eswc is that it starts on friday? how do they expect students to attend it...

havent been hanging out with the kaldorei ppl... feels weird... if u ppl come read my blog... i miss u all! and i cant wait for hols so we can all hang out again. lol...
lol... somehow, can use com at home = no go out lan alr.
oh well~

past few days have been eventful and very tiring... i'm in a confused state... ok, partially confused state. and partially troubled.

and i have to meet up with shen soon... i havent seen her, or my jc bunch in like... AGES. SIGH. is this all my life is abt now? maybe i just need a job.
results come out on thursday at 3pm. i sense a pwned me...

parents should be back by next week... i sense a more pwned me... oh wellllllllllllll..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

[14052006 4.01pm 2in1 ]

havent been able to open my browser / go online, so i blogged in microsoft word for my last two entries. decided to restart my laptop and post them today. lol...

[ 14052006 12.17am epic battle? ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JB!! You are now eligible for M18 shows! Woot! And CLUBBING and SMOKING and DRINKING. All of which are BAD!


CAPL finals today at E2Max. All 3 mVp teams made it through. Team 2 lost first round against DSD and team 3 lost 3-4th placing againsT BOD. THE mVp team emerged victorious after meeting GoSu.rEv0, mVp team 3 and DSD.
The first rounds started off on a tense note, with the team 3 vs Mi-2 match lasting 2 hours and 45 minutes. Dej3cted was damn happy that he didn’t commentate on that match, or he’d have died a painful death. By the end of the game, the furion – played by seduction – had a total of 840+ creep kills. Delicious stuff.
Watching team 1 play is almost poetry in motion. Their backstabbing is constant and effective. As tofu says :
tofu : actually i think our team me ice and lux make a perfect combo. now have to train ant n gps must make them play more lux is not as good in the farming part but is the BEST at initiating, and channeling spells doesnt die alot goes ard bs and still gets his items
itachi : hes gosu
tofu : ice = half me half lux
cloud : tofu goes around feeding
tofu : i am pure me
tofu : farmer

The finals was full of energy! The only other time I have felt such energy was when ACJC used to face off RJC in rugby finals. The amount of badmannering and cheering at the spectators section was HILARIOUS. Nice moves and kills were rewarded with claps and yells, as well as taunts at the opposing team supporters.
All I can say is, mVp vs DSD was a match many of us have been looking forward to. They have somehow avoided meeting each other in competitions so far, taking part in competitions which the other team does not take part in. and Winning. Both teams were undefeated. But only mVp came out STILL undefeated. After claims online that they could possibly beat mVp, I think many in the dota community have been itching to see them walk the talk.
The draft
mVp – (second pick) bane, rk, pugna, syllabear, enigma
DSD – qop, lich, veno, naga siren, pandaren brewmaster
Very interesting draft, with DSD getting all the “hot favourites”.
Hero kills were more or less equal the whole game, with both sides backstabbing and ganging like crazy. The mVp team however, were a couple of levels higher and had better item builds. Lux’s enigma, I felt, deserved man of the match award. His gosu moves and teamplay are to be highly commended. ON FORM OR?!! Will remember the gosu nether swop to save ice’s veno from behind the sentinel tower, the gosu hero block which prevented the veno and panda from raping ice’s rk. Tofu’s pugna was one hella scary little monster, running around with a heart and engaging 2v1. ice’s rk farmed up and got double reaver – one heart one satanic. Even ant’s syllabear tanked with another early heart.
After an engagement which left the DSD team with red hps, mVp pushed and broke the centre raxes. From there on, the game was definitely one sided. Only mVp’s bottom 2 towers were down. All other buildings were standing.

If anyone says that dota cannot be a spectator sport, they should have been there to watch the finals. I tell you now, watching it is like watching any other sport. The energy and spirit involved pwns all.

Other memories from the finals…
… rk got ganged at sentinel middle creep spawn by at least 4 heroes, and the rk in real life was speaking to teammate telling him to stop getting ganged. After the rk died, dsd supporter shouts : ‘that’s the way to do it!!!!!” (referring to ganging)

… DSD naga siren sleeps 4 enemy heroes rendering them immune to chain frost from lich. And there were no other creeps around. ^^
me : sleep when the lich chained
tofu : LOL
tofu : OH YA
tofu : then bounce no dmg rofl
me : LOL
slyvanna : wa lidat he sure tio blacklist lol

oh well, epic battle…? DSD is quite strong, but somehow they still lack something… but I forsee that they can be quite a real threat to mVp’s monopoly. GOOD! More interesting finals to watch!


Its interesting how I have become an “mVp convert”. I used to sort of buay gum mVp people for certain reasons. But since the dsd guys joined mVp (ie, tofu, gps + lux and ant), I’ve started having a better impression of the people there. Well, maybe I just used to hang out with those people… and talk to them, even before they joined mVp… then slowly the other team / clan people appeared. And I guess they are all ok people. Mostly. Lol!
Anyhow, I support that team, not the clan!


Parents keep delaying the day that they want to go to Malaysia. Now it has become Monday morning. But that’s the absolute latest that they can go, cos they already have a reservation starting Monday.

[ 1201052006 4.38am ok. ]

Had gals team training tonight. I’d like to say that things we marvelous and that everything was sunshine and roses. All I can say is : welcome to the dark side.


There’s just these once in a whiles when you wonder if what you said was worth it all. Like, no matter how constructive you wish to be, sometimes you do slip. There’s a part in all of us that just wishes to lapse into the ‘wronged-by-the-whole-wide-world’ state and play the martyr. I fight it, but sometimes it takes over me.

In the end, I think it’s really just not worth it. There’s a lot of emotional points (you know, like hit points, and mana points…) that can be saved. The fight between apathy and honesty. And still it rages on.

opportunity costs and barriers to entry. Econs is just not my cup of tea. Maybe its cos its too much like real life.


I’m freezing.
My parents are leaving for Malaysia today, I think. They leave whenever they feel like it see… so I can never really be sure. And I think I’m gonna get a new phone later! Like….. finally. Now I can listen to mp3’s. [ just a thought, why do I keep calling the mp5 mp3… zz… imma noob. ]


just the need to write… and no internet connection. So… Microsoft word ftw!
Fighting the urge to create another entry which no one understands. But all I really REALLY feel like doing is… sitting by the beach. Yeah. At 5 in the damned morning.


I hate politics.
And I’m not referring to the PAP – WP – SDP kind of politics.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

[ 07052006 3.06am i'm so glad... ]

for the FIRST time in the 18 years that i've lived in my constituency, the opposition has decided to contest the PAP's rule over it. and it just HAS to be in the year when i am JUST able to vote. oh well. it was quite painless and quick. efficiency ftw! and i'm damn glad that that PAP is back in power. it has been my private fear for the past feww days that the opposition will take over singapore. *horrors* i just do not think that any other party can do any better for singapore, at the moment, at least. and i support the PAP, what ever the rest of you may think.

today's events :
CAPL - mVp and mVp artemis (gosh, is that team2's team name?) are into finals next week
gals meeting and training match vs XsE ppl
jasmine milk tea without ice FTW!!! bracket3
walk walk~


i have a gosu song to intro all of you. its just gorgeous, her voice is just so... liquid and heartbreaking...
ah sang - yi zhi hen an jing 一直很安静
depressed kinda song... the type of song i like.
listen-to link :
lyrics here :


its come to the time in my life when i should think about what to do with my life... its kinda scary, like what i choose now... has LARGE impacts on the rest of my life... and i dont ever think i'll amount to much. so what if i'm from top schools and uni... it really.. doesnt matter. as my social work lecturer said, poly students are the entrepreneurs, they come up with the business plans and start running their own companies. then, they hire all you uni grads to work for them... i'm abit T.T about that. but well, its kinda true. all we know how to do is... study.


i've thought through it for a long time... and i really... really... REALLY... love my razer diamond back plasma. -_-'" lol!


i'm back home, possibly for good. cos i realyl do no think i will go for honours next year, unless my cap miraculously jumps up a few points. lol... being at home is good in its own way... at least i have someone to take care of me and settle my meals. someone to run to and talk to when i need to. ^^
although those someones are terrified of me coming back and leading horrible lifestyles and pissing them off, they wont ever not love me. =D


WCG qualifiers starts tml... or rather, today, at asteriods. and gxleague starts 22nd may. go to and register!!!


imma good mood and stuff today! if a little sleepy... *_* those bored ppl! go to youtube and search for hardgay english. GOSU FUNNY STUFF YO!

gosu comic. lol... this is something only a gamer can do!