Wednesday, May 24, 2006

[ 24052006 2.38am post game pre sleep ]

just had a game with maki kw floor and gz. and i'm really tired now, i have no idea why though.
gxl has started. 2 games per week to fulfill for the next... 2 mths? eswc this weekend, we're entering with a new team. i mean, same name, just that we have 2 new players joining for this compie us. wonder how it will work out. the weird thing about eswc is that it starts on friday? how do they expect students to attend it...

havent been hanging out with the kaldorei ppl... feels weird... if u ppl come read my blog... i miss u all! and i cant wait for hols so we can all hang out again. lol...
lol... somehow, can use com at home = no go out lan alr.
oh well~

past few days have been eventful and very tiring... i'm in a confused state... ok, partially confused state. and partially troubled.

and i have to meet up with shen soon... i havent seen her, or my jc bunch in like... AGES. SIGH. is this all my life is abt now? maybe i just need a job.
results come out on thursday at 3pm. i sense a pwned me...

parents should be back by next week... i sense a more pwned me... oh wellllllllllllll..

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