Wednesday, November 30, 2005

[ 30122005 3.24am | dawn's theory ]

the dawn here, is pinksheep, my clanmate, not the other dawn. i tire of that topic.
anyway, pinko's theory is that guys are easily engineered to fall in love with gals.

she states the 3 requirements :
1) pay him attention
2) share same interests
3) be not totally ugly

but she added a qualifier : works only on non-yandao guys.

(now we all know what she does at work. formulate theories on life and relationships!)

anyway, how true this is, i dunno.
all i know is that i'm moving out of hall soon.
how much more out of point can i get.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

[ 27112005 3.22am | grumpy for no reason. ]

I’m Catankerous. With a capital c. And the best thing is, I don’t know why. Oh well.

It’s that window period between your last paper and freedom. And it’s leaving me feeling itchy and impatient.
Maybe I should just get out there in the cold air and take a long walk…

On a side note, if anyone wants a pretty good warcraft 3 standard game replay, I’ve got one.

Monday, November 21, 2005

[ 21112005 1.30am | sigh. here we go again. ]

just a few points i wanna make.these are random quotes i discovered while surfing around being a kpo.

i don't know. there's alot of ideas being talked about. ex the issue of having barbie singapore as our icon being a bad influence to women, political garbage, to stupider stuff as dawn's ugly face and her pathetic lies. but who cares. its fun watching the destruction of a mentally ill girl who has caused many problems for people around her including her parents.
i really think that mentally ill, is too strong a word to use on her. ok, so MAYBE dawn yeo / yang is an insecure person, who isnt? tell me everyone is as confident as George Bush looks. half of it is an act which in turn helps you believe you are confident. its a positive feedback mechanism, not reality.
if this someone can ENJOY watching people bitch... i wonder how sane he/she actually is...

i have nothing against dawn. but from her scary transformation in the pictures, i have something to say.

dawn, you got a new face to fit in with the unsuspecting beautiful crowd.

you need to remember you weren't always so beautiful and should eat some humble pie by-

1. not taking so many narcissistic shots and obviously trying to get attention (don't say that you didn't go out looking for fame and that it came to you when all your posts have a narcissistic shot of you to start it off)

2. stop showing off that you have so many beautiful friends

3. stop thinking people are jealous of you (when you were even worse off looking than them before)

4. not try to get into the spotlight because you don't deserve it in the first place

5. basically keep a low profile

6. not try to change your heritage and distance yourself even further away from your original self (besides you never rightfully belonged with the panasians, not when you dont even deserve a spot with the beautiful)

7. stop lying about so many aspects of your life in order to pretend to be some little miss perfect

then maybe, you can still peacefully half-live the lie that you are "naturally beautiful".


why is being pan asian such a happening thing? its like...seen as superior or something. at least, thats the impression i got. whats the deal with being mixed? tell me, how many people would choose a mongrel over a ... say... pure bred golden retriever. this person who made this comment sounds like even he/she isnt happy with being non panasian. equating panasian with beautiful in his/ her sentence structure, is just simply flawed. there is a whole horde of ugly pan-asians out there, just as there are hordes of ugly chinese and indians and malays and every other race.



anyway, i got a bunch of dota compies coming up. I NEED MY EXAMS TO BE OVER NOW!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

[ 17112005 2.50am | X'ams ]

notice how X'mas and X'ams are so similar... yet mean such different things...
oh well. just a bo liao observation from a super bored, super siao mugger wannabe.
ok i dun REALLY want to be a mugger, in fact, i wouldnt call myself one, since i've been totally distracted by something called WARCRAFT. despite it being 1 day away from the start of hell on earth (aka exams), i have been having my daily dose of warcraft. whether in the form of TD (tower defense), dota (which is super laggy due to the fact that i am in hall, and connections here just suck), standard 2v2 (with dej... zz... our ranking is rotting slowly)..

ok. i really didnt mean to digress and start yakking about wc. i'm just a little nuts now cos i'm on caffeine (lipton milk tea really gives a long sustained high).
and i really wanna scream. i've only been studying more seriously for 2 weeks or so, and already, i'm tired out?

i think its the projects. the deadlines are so close to the reading period that its NOT funny. i mean, how can u get down to studying for exams when u are still researching stuff that has nothing to do with the final, and yet have to know in depth?

what the *toot* is university for? unless you're planning to be some hardcore researcher / academic next time, why the *toot* put yourself through it for? its a little late for me to think about this, considering how next sem might just be my last sem, but i'm thinking about it anyway. in what way does university actually help with your job next time... especially when you happen to be a geography major like me who is not planning to join LTA, NEA, NIE ...
why is that stupid little piece of paper so important... i bet most ppl forget what they have studied in uni and dont REALLY apply it to their real lives next time. ok, so, cool, when i go on a holiday, i'll know that africa has the largest diversity of fish, australia has weird creatures cos of island biogeography and speciation, and how to find the point which has the highest velocity in the Ganges.

enough of hyper-caffeine-induced-pissed-off-with-smelly-neighbours rantings.
i'm gonna try to get me some early shut eye.

Friday, November 11, 2005

[ 11112005 4.10pm | the thing about her is... ]

ok, seeing that so many people have spent so much effort talking about her, i might as well add my 2 cents worth.if i can bother to type out thousands of words for my stupid essays, i dont see why i shouldnt bother to churn out a few more now.

fact 1) dawn yeo/yang is really quite pretty now, and i'd kill to have some of her good looks.

who doesnt want to look good? at the same time, who would actually go all the way in fulfilling that dream? she's brave in that sense. the risks of turning out freaky after that are just way too high for me to want to try.
yeah, ok, i know all the debates about natural beauty and man-made beauty already. but, beauty is constructed by man anyway. its subjective in the first place.
so, i believe, that all those who are flaming her now, are basically jealous that she has become so pretty, that she has the means to become so pretty.

fact 2) she has undergone plastic surgery.

this is for those in doubt. you dont believe this? well, ask anyone from my year in RJC. i myself took a while before actually believing that it was her. she just looked SO different!
she was nowhere on the list of chiobus. mentioned for her not bad legs, yes, but never for her face. not to say thats she looks like a creep, but just that there were other more beautiful people to look at.
i also believe that there are a bunch of people who feel offended that she refuses to admit that she has undergone plastic surgery. i guess i come under this category, if i have to fit somewhere. then again, why do we care? the ones who will suffer are gonna be her agency, herself, her kids... its really nothing to do with us. so what if she gets famous because she did plastic surgery? lots of supermodels do that too.

well, anyway, like the majority of ppl, i think that she shouldnt even have mentioned plastic surgery in her interview, if she didnt intend to come clean about it. then again, it might have been the journalist's way of phrasing things that have made her seem... like she condemns plastic surgery? remember that we are reading from the viewpoint of the journalist, not hers.
i've got nothing against her personally, in fact i wouldnt even mind knowing her better, its just that i dunno who she's trying to kid by hiding facts... the whole RJ cohort knows. admittedly, the year above and below us wouldnt, because she simply wasnt high profile in the first place for them to even know who she was!

i really wish her luck in her new life, being pretty really opens up doors. and there are things you can do only when u are young and pretty. so, dawn, go for it and use this chance while you have it, cos this is something that us mediocres will never experience. at the same time, remember that honesty pays... the truth WILL get out somehow.