Thursday, November 17, 2005

[ 17112005 2.50am | X'ams ]

notice how X'mas and X'ams are so similar... yet mean such different things...
oh well. just a bo liao observation from a super bored, super siao mugger wannabe.
ok i dun REALLY want to be a mugger, in fact, i wouldnt call myself one, since i've been totally distracted by something called WARCRAFT. despite it being 1 day away from the start of hell on earth (aka exams), i have been having my daily dose of warcraft. whether in the form of TD (tower defense), dota (which is super laggy due to the fact that i am in hall, and connections here just suck), standard 2v2 (with dej... zz... our ranking is rotting slowly)..

ok. i really didnt mean to digress and start yakking about wc. i'm just a little nuts now cos i'm on caffeine (lipton milk tea really gives a long sustained high).
and i really wanna scream. i've only been studying more seriously for 2 weeks or so, and already, i'm tired out?

i think its the projects. the deadlines are so close to the reading period that its NOT funny. i mean, how can u get down to studying for exams when u are still researching stuff that has nothing to do with the final, and yet have to know in depth?

what the *toot* is university for? unless you're planning to be some hardcore researcher / academic next time, why the *toot* put yourself through it for? its a little late for me to think about this, considering how next sem might just be my last sem, but i'm thinking about it anyway. in what way does university actually help with your job next time... especially when you happen to be a geography major like me who is not planning to join LTA, NEA, NIE ...
why is that stupid little piece of paper so important... i bet most ppl forget what they have studied in uni and dont REALLY apply it to their real lives next time. ok, so, cool, when i go on a holiday, i'll know that africa has the largest diversity of fish, australia has weird creatures cos of island biogeography and speciation, and how to find the point which has the highest velocity in the Ganges.

enough of hyper-caffeine-induced-pissed-off-with-smelly-neighbours rantings.
i'm gonna try to get me some early shut eye.

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