Monday, November 21, 2005

[ 21112005 1.30am | sigh. here we go again. ]

just a few points i wanna make.these are random quotes i discovered while surfing around being a kpo.

i don't know. there's alot of ideas being talked about. ex the issue of having barbie singapore as our icon being a bad influence to women, political garbage, to stupider stuff as dawn's ugly face and her pathetic lies. but who cares. its fun watching the destruction of a mentally ill girl who has caused many problems for people around her including her parents.
i really think that mentally ill, is too strong a word to use on her. ok, so MAYBE dawn yeo / yang is an insecure person, who isnt? tell me everyone is as confident as George Bush looks. half of it is an act which in turn helps you believe you are confident. its a positive feedback mechanism, not reality.
if this someone can ENJOY watching people bitch... i wonder how sane he/she actually is...

i have nothing against dawn. but from her scary transformation in the pictures, i have something to say.

dawn, you got a new face to fit in with the unsuspecting beautiful crowd.

you need to remember you weren't always so beautiful and should eat some humble pie by-

1. not taking so many narcissistic shots and obviously trying to get attention (don't say that you didn't go out looking for fame and that it came to you when all your posts have a narcissistic shot of you to start it off)

2. stop showing off that you have so many beautiful friends

3. stop thinking people are jealous of you (when you were even worse off looking than them before)

4. not try to get into the spotlight because you don't deserve it in the first place

5. basically keep a low profile

6. not try to change your heritage and distance yourself even further away from your original self (besides you never rightfully belonged with the panasians, not when you dont even deserve a spot with the beautiful)

7. stop lying about so many aspects of your life in order to pretend to be some little miss perfect

then maybe, you can still peacefully half-live the lie that you are "naturally beautiful".


why is being pan asian such a happening thing? its like...seen as superior or something. at least, thats the impression i got. whats the deal with being mixed? tell me, how many people would choose a mongrel over a ... say... pure bred golden retriever. this person who made this comment sounds like even he/she isnt happy with being non panasian. equating panasian with beautiful in his/ her sentence structure, is just simply flawed. there is a whole horde of ugly pan-asians out there, just as there are hordes of ugly chinese and indians and malays and every other race.



anyway, i got a bunch of dota compies coming up. I NEED MY EXAMS TO BE OVER NOW!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!

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