Wednesday, September 21, 2005

[ 21092005 9.45pm | depraved. ]

it is my conclusion that singaporeans are an emotio-physio depraved society.
what do i mean by that? ok, disclaimer first, i'm sure theres some really cool scientific classification and what not for this deficiency, but i'm not one of those smart asses who know what its called. so to me, its called emotio-physio depravation. this condition means, lacking in physical contact which transmits emotional signals. and i'm NOT talking about the oh so sought after act between males and females.
its amazing how we actually have CLASSES and COURSES to teach us what should come naturally to us. body language, how to show attentiveness, sympathy... its really sad to realise how much we have degenerated.
ok, i guess its not easy for guys especially, to show concern physically since its the age of women-machoism and if-u-touch-me-u-die kinda reactions. i guess its not so easy for you guys to hold some gal gently without any sexual intention. guys are just wired differently.
i feel, theres nothing wrong with gently resting a hand on/around someones shoulder before addressing him/her. it sure beats "eh miss! MISS!! you drop your uh-hum... on the floor." being yelled at 4feet away. and, whats wrong with patting some old lady's back and offering her a tissue while she coughs her lungs and kidneys out? (speaking from my awful coughing state now) nothing wrong. nothing wrong at all. except that it WONT BE RECEIVED KINDLY. its so likely that you'd probably get your eyes and nose clawed and slapped off on the slightest bit of contact.

when did people become so protective of their bodily zones? even during rush hour mrt traffic, people still manage to stand without touching each other directly. which is why poor people like me have no space left to squeeze into and end up waiting 5 trains in a row before boarding a reasonably empty train. its all fine to be protective of certain areas of your body, but parts like shoulders, arms, hands... are meant to be shared (in an innocent, harmless, comforting way). its all about having a better society, one that cares for each other.
next time, support that frail old man to the mrt seat. dont just stand up and indicate.
AND if you happen to be that frail old man, dont shrug off the kindly hand or beat it off with a stick. a smile and simple word of thanks would be plenty.

Friday, September 16, 2005

[ 16092995 9.42pm | suicidally.furious ]

I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

in the end its just a fricking waste of my time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[ 13092005 1.11am | post-wcg ]

for the uninitiated, wcg stands for world cybergames, an event that strives to identify the top gamers in the world.
anyhow, the recent singapore wcg just ended on sunday, the 11th september. and man... was it a tiring event.

if i was ignoring smses or pm's, its cos i was training like a nut. thanks to mr tinker dejacob aka omniknight-wannabe, we managed to get an all gals dota exhibition match going. my team - pinksheep, charlene, sherica and mag, were up against the more well known bunch of gals - nilus, green, gwen, alien, ahgal.

lots of things happened in the course of preparation for the match, and post match as well as during match. and all i can say is that its been one hell of a journey for me.

the gamers i hang out with online would know i've been trying to get a rEv0 gals team up for ages. but somehow, havent been succeeding. after nus iplay, i managed to grab some of the contacts of the gals who played and managed to form a gals team, just for this wcg event. other than nus gals, i got a couple from a friend of friend of friend kinda thing. so things worked out... ok... i guess. we trained, with an incomplete team, almost all of the time, except for like... three occassions or so where we got the whole team down to lan or online or something like that.

what i really like about this team is that we are flexible in hero choices. that is so important for a drafter... i mean, i can draft the perfect draft and get all the allstars, but if my teammates dont know how to use them... then its really no use me drafting so well. if drafting 1st pick, i like controlling the other team's hero choices. if i'm 2nd pick, i like countering their choices. i rather have the upper hand than have to start off the whole game picking defensively. start offensive man.

anyhow, our teamwork wasnt really there... til the compie. somehow, i didnt need to command, it just went along by itself smoothly... sorta like... we had telepathy or something. and when anyone gave a command, it was just followed through.

the match however, didnt really start on a friendly note... somehow. and it ended on an even less friendly note. its a small regret i have that i walked out not having 5 more friends. cos at the end of the day, its really nice to have a group of gals to band with in a community which is saturated with guys.

so much for the game being an exhibition match. that said, i wouldnt have changed a bit about our preparation. even friendly matches should be taken seriously. no? any sports person would tell you that.

we all got a barracuda mousepad, wcg limited edition worth $40. haha... did u know, that the brand is local born? a 26 year old guy runs it with his friends. impressive no? local born, local design, local everything. (except made i think)

anyhow, heres the match, from my most impartial viewpoint.(and what i can remember)

sulin's team pick- first pick

my teams pick

that kuku dejected thought we picked lion instead of lich, thanks to the game marshall's writing. and he decided to demoralise me before the match saying i did a bad draft and why did i pick slardar. -_- anyhow, we decided to just play.
after waiting about 10-15 mins for the other team to set up the sound on their coms and all, we were finally on our way. (after a few... uncalled for comments... which were screened out on the plasma screens)

i'm not too sure what was happening in the other lanes, but i (omni) took bottom with slardar against morph and bone. and what happened next was interesting. for a few levels, slardar and i were denying the morph and bone. (deny - means to kill your own creep so the opponent doesnt get money and experience) now, this is really strange cos the 2 of us were melee and they were range. next thing was... why did they put 2 power heroes to farm together?
on out part, it wasnt too good that we took one lane together. 2 melee in one lane... is not usually good news.
mid lane was vs and silencer facing off my teams' fv and lich. and they weren't doing well against my gal's nuking, according to my fv.
medu was up top with centaur, who later changed wil silencer and went mid.
things started getting interesting when fv got euls, lich got buckler and slardar got blink dagger. by then, medu was on her way to radiance and other interesting things. first push was successful, then we fell back after the mid rax was down. by then, medu had 5k and was deciding between another sacred relic or an eaglehorn. later, we faked a push up mid and cut to bottom to finish the towers and rax off.
the game ended soon after, as i got my lvl 16 ga, i think.

a very interesting game, and i learnt quite abit from it. competitive dota is really something, but i'm gonna dread using the v6 maps. sigh.
anyhow, gg gals, hope to see them around. my team i mean. i'm not sure if the other side feels the same.
and, super large thanks to the tinker dejacob who really gave us alot of his time and energy, as well as my rEv0 guys who trained me up.

Friday, September 09, 2005

[ 09092005 1.41am | happy birthday joie!!!!!! ]

happy birthday gal! ok... woman now, mind you. =)

while waiting for my notes to print, some yummy stuff for you guys out there...
its fast becoming one of my personal favourites too... so i won't blame you for having a nosebleed.

arthrun and cagalli from gundam seed. cosplayed by 2 hot chicks. not only is it really really well done... they look damn good too...