Friday, October 30, 2009

[ 30102009 11.50pm | hellowin ]

I'd like to announce PMSAsterisk* 's new website link :
Do visit us there for our latest team lineups, profiles and news. Its MUCH neater, and its put together with love. ^^ we're html noobs, so it took some effort!
So enjoy your stay there and drop me/us any feedback you may have.
Happy helloween!
And DO donate to our send a w4ndeRz-to SMM fund! If you have no paypal, we can arrange collection.
our team pic (in pms uniform) is also up on the main mym web page. (awww for those who are too late, the news has become old already... so we're goneeee)
for background information on SMM /SNGDT 09 as well as registered teams, please see

Big thanks to our first 2 donors!

SEND w4ndeRz to SMM2009!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[ 27102009 1.31am | can't sleep ]

hmm. cyn has gone back.
which means... we'll be having mass msn chat cos she's always online and lonely.
i sense alot of strange developments waiting to happen in the next month.
in fact... some have already started taking place!!!
life just doesnt go the way you expect it to, sometimes.
letting go sometimes isnt about wrongs or rights. its just about shoulds and shouldnts.
i've had many people ask me about why i'm inactive <--- note; its inactive, not QUIT. and perhaps its just something waiting to happen. maybe i'm having an identity crisis!!
i'm furryfish.
i'm a gamer.
i play professionally.
and then? when you strip that away... who am i?

Friday, October 23, 2009

[ 23102009 11.50am | highlighted ]

think its time i posted a list of Thailand highlights.
- gosu street food. and mega cheap.
- cha yen =)~
- duck noodles!
- free lan!
- mass loving fans, superstar treatment... we go BTS (their equivalent of the MRT) got people come up to us to take photos.
- *** getting high and watching porn on handphone, then falling off my bed.
- **** got asked "suck or fuck?" after a massage... AND CHOSE ONE.
- emo people merlioning and emoing
- pocky and milk tea
- exciting stage match ^^
- platinum mall & huai khwang shopping =x
- hotel room card sessions
and the lowlights...
- mass traffic jams... with red light countdown timers set at 300seconds.
- insufficient sleep time
- very hard pillows @@

omgosh i forgot to publish this... its like almost a week late.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

[ 22102009 10.01am | mymym interview ]
excerpt :
What was the funniest thing that occurred at the event? Besides being able to take part in such a huge LAN.
furryfish: Oh yeah.. a drunk person was watching porn on his phone, and fell off the bed. I can tell you that he is from one of the top teams!
w4ndeRz-: Kingsurf's chuan is a mess when he's drunk, ant is single and very available and xy got touched..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

to my dearest team mates:
it is with great, albeit selfish, consideration that i must announce that wef 21 oct 2009, i am stepping down as active member / team manager of asterisk*, indefinitely.
thank you for the (good) memories and the hard work and committment that you all have put in.
i will continue to lend my admin support as and when requested / required, and should the day come when i wish to battle alongside you all once again, i hope that i will be welcomed back.

-furryfish, out.-

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PMS | Asterisk* goes to ESTC 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand)

We will be leaving for BKK on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm (Singapore time) for ESTC 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.
i can't wait to eat, shop and have hotel room action with eliza and dawn!! =x
of course it'll be great to meet up with our thai friends there too.

so anywayyy...

Here are the two promotional posters you can use for your site/forum/blog if you are intending to. But please credit our blog or facebook when you do so. Thanks!

ESTC lineup
kimberlyn // xkimchix

dawn // pinksheep
cynthia // w4nderz
tammy // furryfish
eliza // msjovial
cheryl // sheRica

Monday, October 12, 2009

[ 12102009 5.36pm | GREEN EYES ]


[ 12102009 1.51am | +2.5 ]

uncharacteristically bad aura.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

[ 11102009 1.08am | insanely. ]

the past week or two has gone by in a whirlwind.

4 days remain.

sometimes i measure the effort and hard work, and i wonder if it is worth it.

and the disagreements.

i'm really really tired.

i need more sleep.



and anyway... i'm programmed to not be able to sleep more than 5 hrs in a stretch.


i wonder if my aims are too lofty, or if my expectations are too high. (obviously, i don't think so. i'm just second guessing)

however. this is keeping me going. giving up has never been further from my mind.

maybe... somewhere there, i see a REASON not to.

then again, we're all as changeable as the weather.

maybe it'll rain fish tomorrow.

Friday, October 09, 2009