Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PMS | Asterisk* goes to ESTC 2009 (Bangkok, Thailand)

We will be leaving for BKK on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm (Singapore time) for ESTC 2009 in Bangkok, Thailand.
i can't wait to eat, shop and have hotel room action with eliza and dawn!! =x
of course it'll be great to meet up with our thai friends there too.

so anywayyy...

Here are the two promotional posters you can use for your site/forum/blog if you are intending to. But please credit our blog or facebook when you do so. Thanks!

ESTC lineup
kimberlyn // xkimchix

dawn // pinksheep
cynthia // w4nderz
tammy // furryfish
eliza // msjovial
cheryl // sheRica


Anonymous said...

wouldnt u rather go abstinent instead of screwing with a guy that has a 1/2 penis shorter than everyone else?
women from asia should go lesbian or move outside it

Nattapong said...

Hi Tammy

i see u at last game vs Thai girls


i and my frd sit opposite u at race gate.



tammy said...

ohh... hi nattapong =)