Friday, October 30, 2009

[ 30102009 11.50pm | hellowin ]

I'd like to announce PMSAsterisk* 's new website link :
Do visit us there for our latest team lineups, profiles and news. Its MUCH neater, and its put together with love. ^^ we're html noobs, so it took some effort!
So enjoy your stay there and drop me/us any feedback you may have.
Happy helloween!
And DO donate to our send a w4ndeRz-to SMM fund! If you have no paypal, we can arrange collection.
our team pic (in pms uniform) is also up on the main mym web page. (awww for those who are too late, the news has become old already... so we're goneeee)
for background information on SMM /SNGDT 09 as well as registered teams, please see

Big thanks to our first 2 donors!

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Dylan said...

You're right. You are not young anymore. You say u are a gamer. u play professionally but when u strip it all down, what are u? The answer=nothing. Why are u so proud of that fact that u guys have fans in thailand when the only reason they are so entranced by u girls are because you wear skirts. They don't even care whether you're good or not, because u guys arent. What's so great about being a professional gamer who doesnt achieve anything? At least your teammates like dawn are already working and married or have kids and a family to raise. I think you should rethink your life. THere's not point in applying so much makeup and attracting 18 year old boys :) Grow up.