Thursday, November 05, 2009

[ 05112009 11.50pm | headache. ]

I'm lying on my bed suffering from the most awesome feverish headache ever. Its so awesome that I've been forced to take 1000mg of paracetamol.I took some cough syrup to make myself drowsy (and to stop my irritating cough) and a fedac pill for good measure (its supposed to stop my nose from dripping).
Anyhow. That's the run down of my medication. I didn't take the throat one - cos its not unbearably painful.
And I discovered.... That I have a box of paracetamol from my appendectomy. That's 10x10 tablets. And as if the whole box wasn't enough... There's 2 more foil tabs - ie. 2x10 more thrown into the packet as well.
Right... 140 pills of 500mg paracetamol. Enough to last me 2 lifetimes.
I was watching parents with their kids at the clinic... It kinda amazes me to see the tolerance parents have for their kids, and the amount of attachment the kid has for the parent.
Its like... Having a least, until the kid grows up.
I want a pet. A real pet. Its been a while since my sis has sent muffin and raisin back... And its been an even longer while since I've had an animal to call my own.
There is a limit... Sometimes I'm surprised at how high the limit can go.
I wonder if its worth it.
Is it that easy... Hmm.
I wonder if it'll last.
But I guess I'll take it as long as there's a possibility.
People like what's bad for them.
They like it too much. Even though they know they shouldn't.
The unending circle, and the first square.
We've come a long way, haven't we.
Let's see what more is in store for us, and what we can make of this from here.
I'm Very Very curious to see what happens.
And... I love it, when I see understanding flood through peoples faces. Its such a nice sight.
Until you deal with the consequences of that 'look of enlightenment'.
Ambiguous post again. Sorry. In my 'head is damn pain and many people read my blog so I cannot be too specific' mode.
The paracetamol seems to have taken effect - I'm sweating under my blankie, which means my fever is subsiding, and my head isn't so excruciating achey.
Still waiting for the cough syrup to knock me out... But I think I won't have much problem falling asleep now that the pain has lessened...
Oh, garena ladder is up. Yay. ^^*

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