Sunday, April 25, 2010


[ 25042010 4.01am | eeeheeehehehehehehe* ]

i'm very excited today... i just saw this pic from you know who and i find it fascinating. but kinda eerie in a way too.
but thats not why i'm excited.
LAN training today was so exciting. ehehehehehe... win all 5 (was it 5? so many teams ff i lost track alr...) games ftw?
i'm so glad you're back.
on the next lan training we have to eat marutama. i need to eat it at least twice a month to function normally.
NEXT WEEK. i shall be in KOREA. if everything goes fine.
and its not the prospect of going to korea thats gotten me so hyped... (i've been there before) its WHO i'm gonna MEET thats got me jumping around like a jumping bean.
*grins happily.

and... WHY am i awake at this time?
2 reasons.
i just got back from a bbq (omgosh! furryfish participates in a social event! how rare!)
and cos ice is playing his 4th round of an sc2 competition. GO PWN THOSE ANGMOHS!!!
*skips around with tongue out.

how many wheels can a hamster run on before it dies?
new babies are gonna pop out in may, and i'm looking forward to teaching them how to drive their parents nuts. AHAHAHA.
work has been a mixture of *pull hair and glare around with a harrassed expression* *scamper around from end to end of the office* *giggle hysterically whilst looking at pile of 'to-dos' on table*

and. i like THIS pic.

other than totally failing at finding what i set out to find, i had a surprisingly good evening.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

hello, my poor dying blog.


i guess when i have less time, i just write less.