Tuesday, April 06, 2010

hello, my poor dying blog.



i guess when i have less time, i just write less.


Anonymous said...

there's no need to feel obligated to post in your blog if it's gonna be half-hearted.

what's your blog for? it doesn't talk about your daily life like some, it doesn't serve as an outlet for the thoughts you can't really share.

maybe close friends as an outlet for your thoughts, or you don't really have anything happening that causes lingering emotions anymore. for some reason or other.

my opinion: gaming. while you still do many other stuff, video games are your main thoughts each day. every other experience is diminished. etc etc.

oh you so don't know me

let the blog die. its only purpose is to interest flizzardo and some other similar crazies. i think facebook should give you all the attention you need.

correct me where im wrong, miss furryfish. you interest me a lot. you can see i've made some comments recently.

now, analyse me. though you probably won't, because i'm not as interesting as gaming am i?

tl;dr: when's the last time you got some real exercise?

HERMES man said...

the only way to revive the blog is by posting more pictures

and no i am not talking about those superimpose pictures.

real pictures with many cute girls in them and................ less cloth would be fine too