Tuesday, December 11, 2007

[ 111207 8.35pm | POP* ]

i have a dusty bedside lamp from ikea. i angle the bulb up because it lights up the room better that way. however, it also collects dust easier.
was looking at the furry little dust particles on the surface of the bulb, and i decided to clean it up with a piece of wet tissue.
the first dab caused the bulb to emit a sizzling sound. i squeaked, slightly alarmed, and drew back. deciding to make another quick wipe to get rid of the dust properly, i proceeded to press the wet tissue to the bub surface once again, only to be plunged into darkness and a deafening pop.
in the aftermath and darkness, i could hear shards of glass tinkling around.

my lightbulb had exploded in my face.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

[ 02122007 7.39pm waitz. ]

lan on fri was fun!! more fun than those in recent times anyway. must be cos shan was there. =x
enjoying a weekend without worries is a fading memory.
like the warmth of summer in the dead of winter, its something elusive, almost a fable.

and off i go... in a world of my own.


sitting at the com painting my nails and waiting for gxl to start... is something i dont normally enjoy on sunday. hence, it feels strange, not just because typing with a wet nail is weird, but because... i havent been able to do this openly in... 9 years.


life's strange.