Tuesday, July 31, 2007

[ 31072007 1.57pm wheee!! ]

final reminder... tonight at 830pm chn U. lol. i think its either 8 or 830. repeat telecast at midnight. if u wanna check the timing urself, its called i cook for u. also known as ming chu shang cai.


sometimes, i'm torn between giving a person the benefit of the doubt and believing that he is really indecent. you know, on the mrt, the seats are decently sized, enough for the average man and woman to sit comfortably, if they sit neatly.
now what really pisses me off, are the MEN who think their balls are so huge that they have to spread their legs so wide apart to avoid squashing them. im not asking them to sit cross legged, i just want their knees less than 35cm apart. so if its not that their ding dongs are getting squashed, then is it some i like to feel my leg against a girl's leg fetish?
either way, its just not acceptable. and i make it very obvious by pushing his leg away or even stepping on his toes.

speaking of indecency on the mrt, once when i was in JC, on the morning train to school, this plump man sat next to me with his arms folded and tried to touch me as i slept. for those of you who don't know how that works, try folding your arms now, you'll realise your fingers are hidden right? so when i finally decided he wasn't just restless and shifting around in his seat cos he unfortunately sat on a sea urchin, i woke up from my half doze and instructed him to give me more space. haha. after which his face turned red and he hurriedly got off the train a couple of stops later.

i like to make evil men embarrassed. not all little girls are there to be taken advantage of.

and if your balls are really that huge that you just HAVE to open your legs 180 degrees, then
(or just make sure you don't sit next to me on the mrt. i'll stomp your toes off.)

Monday, July 30, 2007

[ 30072007 1.33pm hurhurhur ]

ok. tomorrow, tuesday, 31st july 2007, please avoid the channel u show "i cook for you" at 8pm, because yours truly will be doing embarrassing stuff in it. also avoid the retelecast at midnight.

for logging purposes, and for my friends who aren't in the gaming community ...here's my interview by playworks

i'm getting so narcissistic i cant stand it. lol.


anywayyyyyyyy wcg is in 4 days time, or 3, depending on how you want to count it, and i'm just too relaxed. EEK. its like, work really pawns gaming, even if its a slack job like mine is. once i get home i just wanna stone at the screen and watch my GE characters do their stuff. cant even be bothered to micro.
wcg is when i'm going to meet shan and pass her something. LOL. not saying what gal, stop asking.
other preparations for wcg include fixing up my mouse feet and plucking out my keyboard.


how many people, teens, young adults out there have problems with their parents?
i definitely do.
i think its probably the most common relationship to have problems. One definitely hears about kids not getting along with their parents more than you hear about them getting along, right?
my sister understands my mum the most, which kinda helps me, cos then my sister acts as a go between in the communication process.
parents are hard to get along with... but in the end i think most are just concerned and want the best for us.
its just the way they go about things that really tick us off.
but really... is communication that important? why am i always being asked to talk and explain when my point of view, or what I want is secondary to what they think is good for me

would you rather have parents who care so much that they are overbearing, or parents who dont give a damn and let you do whatever you want?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[ 18072007 12.04am dependance. ]

married women are starting to strike me as being useless. throw in females who have been attached for a long time, not necessarily to the same guy.
because whatever they do, they have to ask someone else to help them. be it getting something from the top shelf, or carrying a heavy box of something.
what happened to the self sufficient power woman of the 90's who eats treadmills for lunch?

and the best news is, they dont make men like they used to. how many man-boys actually know how to fix a shorted toaster, rewire an electrical plug... ok, scrap all that. how many of the guys of today even know how to change a lightbulb? they'll probably put the wrong bulb in and get it blown or something. all they know, is the theory of things. how many of them actually have hands on? come on guys, how many of you have used a lawn mower?

the generation of my parents is so over.
welcome to the new breed of useless brats.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

[ 04072007 3.11pm the MMO. ]

if there is ANY game at all that really kills your life, its the MMORPG.
the MMORPG, is THE game which gives ALL games a bad name. (despite the advice on the starting screen of granado espada "it is harmful to health to game for long periods of time without taking breaks" or something like that... )

sheepy is overseas STILL... hope the fugu fish havent gotten to her yet.

in the meantime, been talking to dean and shaun, the sad left behind brothers in ge. lol!