Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i might swear, if i could, that SIM LIM SQUARE IS EVIL. went there yesterday evening to this fabulous little shop called TECHDROME, which is the epitome of all evil. made me super covetous...
rawr at
1) the green razer db...
2) icemat audio
3) razer keyboard
4) raptor mouse cord clip



ok. brain officially fried from lack of sleep.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

[ 26112006 12.56am ]

this is for joel from np:
"what do you learn from dota that you use in real life" (sorry i cant remember it word perfect)
1) teamplay - you needa get along with your teammates both in game and out of game.
2) communication - to resolve problems and make sure they dont happen again.
3) discipline and time management- especially when i was still studying, i needed to prioritise when to relax and when to really mug.


for the record, i'm not a good dota player. and i'm not being humble. i measure myself against the best, and i wont claim to be even 1/100 of their standard. so all you people out there who are under the impression that just cos my nick is well known i must be good, think again pls!
its scary to be thought of as good, cos that means i have to live up to a standard that i havent earned. -_-"

shes such a SLUT. the way she throws herself at you just to get attention. its just so CHEAP.

Friday, November 24, 2006

[ 24112006 12.13am hairrr ]

i went for a hair seminar / hair show thing a day ago... and... well... i dont really have much to say about how my hair looks now... the top part is streaked ash, and the rest if my hair is jet black (YAY! i like black hair)
thats the colour. as for the cut, its mostly left the same... just that the fringe is chinadoll and frames my face, and theres two layers to it, the coloured layer then a band of jet black below.
ok. npnt.

anthea on the left and i'm on the right.
she had purple streaks done as well as a partial perm

me side view. keeping warm under a towel.

can see the ash top layer and the under layer of hair. nice contrast. but hard to maintain... have to style. Oo. and i'm LAZY.

Monday, November 20, 2006

[ 20112006 12.45am ... ]

yes i'm grumpy.
i'm also hurt and pretty disappointed.
and yeah, i know u dun give a flying f***.
i guess sitting on the fence does hurt after a while.
but conscience wins out in the end.

never realised what you meant to me.

speak to me when you feel like it.
for now i'm just taking a back seat.

if you dont, i guess i'll know what we are.
and what all these months meant.
not a threat, just a sad realisation.

would have been really easy for me to just lose it totally.
but i think you're worth the better side of me.

in the end, ball's in your court.
save it or leave it.

<3 *

Thursday, November 16, 2006

[ 16112006 3.50am oh wow! ]

and i dont mean world of warcraft. i mean it as an exclaimation.
looks like asterisk-zenith site is picking up publicity, unwittingly!
heres the article that kel posted about the blog, its currently on the front page of
go take a read if you're feeling bored! but i guess that most of you would already have heard about it.


on another note, been working for the singapore motor show... and its been... well... more or less uneventful. some eye candy... but mostly of the half giantess breed kind, tall and large boned. *scAry* and i'm taking 180+ or at least high 170s, with heels. i dunno... i'm more for the petite slender kind... large women kinda send me running.
and, before u misunderstand, i'm just a promoter. i close sales (and get commission), something u wont expect a model to do. so I AM NOT A MODEL. too ugly and short to be one anyway.


on yet another note, i might do a hair show, work for big boy's toys expo, and i'm definitely commentating for SITEX 2v2 dota matches.
tiring days up ahead = few entries. zz!

Monday, November 13, 2006

[ 13112006 5.34am inspirationless ]

my muse seems to be in hibernation.

could be due to the fact that my life is very busy now!
and that i've set up another site. for asterisk* and zEn†H
a page for us to rant about useless everyday happenings. lol!
by request of xMusiCa. keke.
go take a look and bm/comment/bm/leave a tag/bm us!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

[ 05112006 9.57pm first post of the month ]

i will not stoop to your level!


i love my gals... so much! lol... first games of the gxl season 2, hope u all had fun! i would have, if not for my splitting headache. growl. i'm so weak. i'm gonna die young. good for all the people who hate me i guess.


been rather mia online... well, working in a bank means that i cant surf much, and that i'm blocked from many sites and programs. its been ok work... the kind i guess i could live with doing.
kinda miss the skype sessions and match after match after match.
oh well.


finishing up harry potter... i'm traumatised! cos after this book, i have nothing in mind to read anymore!


God grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change
courage to change the things i can
and wisdom to know the difference.~*