Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why MYM.DotA Left : Hyhy Breaks The Silence

Both Hyhy and MYM have announced the termination of Scythe's contract, and it seems to have sparked off some news posts and discussion about MYM's (failed) foray(s) into Asia.
Although Hyhy has rejected other interviews, I managed to squeeze him for a few precious replies, and I hope this sheds some light on the situation, or at least, the team's point of view on the whole matter.

MYM and Scythe
Scythe caught MYM's eye after their 3rd place finish at the International 2011, and the team were promised salaries as part of their contract.
Because the members were conscripted following that, the team's roster was unstable, and no one saw them taking part in any competitions in their original line up. spoke about the initial line up falling apart. Could you give us some insight into why this happened?
Hy: There have been no instances of our initial lineup falling apart. When MYM approached my team ( back in September 2011, I did inform them thatt 3 of the core members would be inactive for 2-3 months because of national service. (In Singapore, males above the age of 16 are conscripted for 2 years.) We also made it known to MYM that if they wished to sign us, the members who are unable to participate in competitions because they have to serve national service would be substituted.
Our former sponsor was also expressing interests in continuing sponsorship, so we weren't exactly desperate for the partnership with MYM to go through. However, MYM's offer was attractive enough and of course it was great to play under such an established name, so we joined

Falli mentions that MYM was told to remove the tag, the team just kept playing with it. Any reasons why?

Hy: Falli has been in direct contact with me the past few months, I think if he did ask us to remove the tag, I would have known, and would not have hesitated to remove the tag immediately. There wouldn't have been any need for Falli to even insist on it. Besides, MYM has its own website, social media sites and media contacts to inform the public should they have had the intention to announce they wanted to end the cooperation with the team, so there is really no logical reason why the team would insist on playing with their tag, if they were told not to.

Is your split with MYM an amiable one? What is the relationship with the organisation now?
Hy: I confronted Falli after I saw his post on gosugamers, where he stated in a MYM vs EVO gosubet thread, that this MYM team is NOT MYM. It was only then that he told me MYM cannot continue sponsoring the team, especially when there were many other teams out there asking for less. 
Of course I was aware that the team wasn't exactly performing, the reason was largely due to the fact that my boys had to go for national service.
All said, even though we now have a strong and ready lineup, I did not want to compromise what our team is worth by re-negotiating a partnership with MYM because of a few things:
1. MYM has not issued a single month of salary since I signed with them even though they promised that salaries would be paid out in a timely fashion. Falli himself gave me his word on this.

2. I have heard that my team was not the only entity to whom MYM owed salaries to.

3. I did not like the way MYM "ended" things with the team. I felt they could be more open and direct about it.
Do note that I'm not directing accusations at MYM, and that if any offence is taken, it is not my intention. I am only sharing what I know of the matter, and how I experienced it.

Team Zenith
In what some call a slap on MYM's face, Hyhy teams up with iceiceice, xy, Chuan (from iG fame) and xfreedom, and take the first place in joinDOTA's Masters IV cup right after they announced their departure from MYM.
The new team takes on the name of Singapore's most successful DotA team, Team Zenith, which at one point in time went undefeated for 6 months straight.
The starting 5 of Team Zenith consisted of ToFuboi-, GPS, Ant-, iceiceice and LuX. The line up eventually changed, and among the subsequent players who joined and left was hyhy.
Here's an old team page 

Team Zenith wins ESWC 2009

Team Zenith is currently actively seeking sponsors who believe in them and who will follow them through to world domination.
Please email if you have any enquiries.

The current Team Zenith DotA2 line up consists of :
"hyhy" Han Yong Benedict Lim
"iceiceice" Daryl Koh
"xfreedom" Nicholas Lim
"xy" Toh Wai Hong
"ChuaN" Wong Hock Chuan


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