Thursday, April 12, 2012

le text abuser

first off, i'd just like to state that me getting text abused in game has actually become a rare occurance.
but i've experienced it enough times to know how to deal with it and how to or not to respond to it.
and most of the time, i just ignore it. in the end it makes the text abuser look stupid, raging to himself with no one taking the bait. people DO seem to forget i'm 28 and way beyond feeling pissed/taking offence at random stupid remarks some anonymous person makes.

anyhow, my point today is... what are the motivating factors which make someone abuse another person in game? totally unprovoked?
i have a few guesses, but i guess if you can add anything on, i'm interested to hear you out.

- jealousy. this is actually a strange point, because i'm not too sure why another guy will be jealous of a female.
- anonymity. because the internet lets you do everything under an aka, you're never really going to be found out.
- trolling. possibly, but sometimes the line between trolling and very personal attacks which are out to hurt is crossed. the line isn't that thin, there's quite a difference, and it is very obvious when someone is purposely out to make you feel upset with personal attacks.
- attention. i guess they want attention?
- bored. a lame reason, but i won't write it off.
- offended. maybe my existance offends him? or maybe i snapped at him when he was noobing in some pub game when i was having a bad day. lol.

internet bullying is a real thing, perhaps more rampant overseas than here. it makes for a good sociological debate/discussion.

on another note, my headache which has been plagueing me for 6 hours has finally subsided. FINALLY.
but i can't sleep cos i slept 18 hours out of the last 24.

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worldslayer said...

1. I believe the proper term is "flaming"
2. Don't forget those who are simply pissed that they were beat. At the same time there are those that suffer from hubris