Monday, February 28, 2005

[ 28022005 3.32am | match. ]

reflecting on our match today against the senior team. lost 4-2, but we sure put up a good fight.
i'm wondering about the expectations-respect thing. ok, for those not in the know, these are how chong (coach) key phrases. you dont pressure yourselves with expectations of how you are to perform, rather, you perform to your max, enjoying the game. you give respect to your opponents, but you make sure you dont let that respect overwhelm you into playing like a wuss.

anyhow, it was a really strange match. it felt odd to be up against the senior team who basically taught us most of what we know. it was odder to realise that they dropped to 2 lines, making us seem like formidable opponents.

in truth, i cant say who was more 'scared' to meet the other. i certainly know both sides were keyed up, hyped up, and sending ra-ra emails to and fro. they couldnt really afford to lose to us, and we didnt really WANT to beat them... but yet we wanted to.

i guess it was partly a measure, for us, as to how much we'd progressed as a team. our skills and our 'connection' as sarah puts it. we definitely dont have the experience and stickwork that the seniors have, but we love the game and the team, and that kinda makes up for alot.

it was a sweet game, really. they all have blue wristbands from us now, and the usually cordial game end talks were all hugs and congratulations.

for now, we're looking forward to meeting them again in the playoffs.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

[ 26022005 11.28pm | forever 21 ]

had a day of catching up today. started when i met up with jane and christine to get evien a pressie for her 21st. then when we got to aranda, i discovered that a whole bunch of my primary school classmates were there too, the birthday boy being none other than my church friend's cousin.

anyhow, most of my sec school bunch was there - jane, christine, evien, sharon, nadia. its really been a while since i've seen them all together... and we have all grown up... we all look somewhat different, but somewhat the same, with all the 'same vibes' as i think sharon, put it. and its so true that we only seem to catch up with our jc bunch, perhaps cos they are more recent.
i wasn't expecting so much fun, but we really did have fun... and even had time for a greatly interrupted heart to heart session.

i think i have to start catching up with them... they are a neglected bunch in my life... something i may live to regret.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

[ 19022005 12.25pm | constantine ]

catch this show. but make sure you buy tix at least 2 hrs before hand. kept me keyed up from the moment it started and didnt let up. which is a pretty big feat.
john constantine's dry wit is hilarious.
if you're looking for another matrix-like show, look again, cos this one's plain super action, without all the complicated hidden meanings.
plus, romance is only hinted at. theres no sex in the show.
how much more unique can it get?
o, and it has an unpredictable ending. unpredictable to me at least, and i can usually predict what happens next in plots.

one of the best shows i've watched recently. a definite must catch.