Saturday, February 26, 2005

[ 26022005 11.28pm | forever 21 ]

had a day of catching up today. started when i met up with jane and christine to get evien a pressie for her 21st. then when we got to aranda, i discovered that a whole bunch of my primary school classmates were there too, the birthday boy being none other than my church friend's cousin.

anyhow, most of my sec school bunch was there - jane, christine, evien, sharon, nadia. its really been a while since i've seen them all together... and we have all grown up... we all look somewhat different, but somewhat the same, with all the 'same vibes' as i think sharon, put it. and its so true that we only seem to catch up with our jc bunch, perhaps cos they are more recent.
i wasn't expecting so much fun, but we really did have fun... and even had time for a greatly interrupted heart to heart session.

i think i have to start catching up with them... they are a neglected bunch in my life... something i may live to regret.

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