Monday, February 11, 2008

[ 110208 2.57am again. ]

little lizard came to pay me a visit again on my table. one day i'm gonna fry it and feed it to my goldfish.

feb promises to be a month of anticipation, and possibly soul searching.
i know i seldom say this, so excuse me. but there are so many thoughts of mine that i've decided to keep away from the private eye. but i cant help but to release some of my thoughts here.

if theres anything at all that i've learnt, its to read. deeper.
sometimes the lack of exposition brings other things clearer. so much clearer. sometimes i think that M is right. so right.

life. you just gotta love it. you only get once chance. =)

the endless pursuit of b.
am i on Your right track?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[ 05022008 12.02pm need holiday! ]

i've prevented myself from blogging cos i'm scared of boring all my readers. lol!
ok... not only that. but also because i've been emo-zibing and doind mass reports and meetings.

i'd say, that my life begins at 7pm, after i end work. and my evenings are so full, i simply have no energy to blog.
living this kinda lifestyle is gonna kill me young! but i love it. to hell with a balanced lifestyle, 8 hours of sleep and regular meals.

i got photos to upload... RARE for my blog.

and thank you so much dearies for the tag posts. jiapipi!! long time no see u tag.
i am still struggling with my thoughts, but its an ongoing process. one day when i'm free, it will all catch up to me.

happy CNY all, in advance, in case i dont blog it out in time. get many mang ang pao, and manymany fish. why fish? cos fish are gosu. ^^V

going shopping with him tonight. how RARE. especially since HE suggested it. =D
on leave on the 11th, sunday who wanna go play lan late? how about my slippery flower?


when people are uncooperative, like to pass uncalled for comments, and assume a position of power.........
taking it in my stride. building my character by tolerating!!

was thinking about the recent MYM article posted by cassandra aka alt)ppg about flaming on the internet. and there was a reply to that post about how the person enjoys an intellectual debate, and knows he's won when the opponent degenerates into a 'YOUR MOTHER NO CB' kinda reply because they have no better reply to make as you've argued your case so convincingly.
and man do i agree. the feeling rocks.

heres the article btw.