Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Marina Barrage

A relatively unknown sweet spot on this island, Marina Barrage attracts many, for different reasons.

Car Park B is where you will be redirected to when the main car park outside Marina Barrage is full.
Overgrown n and teeming with bird life.

Birds, bird enthusiasts, bird photographers.

A little Peaceful Dove strutting around the parking lot.

Marina Bay Sands as seen from Marina South.

From the inside of the Barrage.

The highest point of the arch.

With an owl nestling at the highest point of the arch.

The Singapore Flyer, through a sculpture.

And random other scenery shots:

A Tesla Roadster, uses less electricity than a desktop, takes just one hour to charge up, and runs for a few hundred km.

Sunset! :)

And a parting shot.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Daryl's Cats!

Paid Daryl and his 2 kittens a visit. Although I'm not extremely fond of very young kittens, I have to say it was a pretty good photography session.
Hyperactive small animals are very difficult to photograph. But I think I managed to get a few decent shots, in between switching devices - my lx3 and an iPhone.

Evening started with a sunset and dinner.

Owner of the meows.

Then we started on the meows...

This is the photo taken by the iPhone in the previous picture.

Meows are much easier to photograph when they are sleeping...


Quinn the kitten!

Daryl's kitten is a lolcat wannabe.
I call this shot : "Ahh! You touch my tralalala!!"

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I wish I were many things.
More determined, mentally stronger, disciplined, heavier. More patient, better able to tolerate all that needs tolerating.
I guess I can work on all that - except getting heavier. That's really tough.

But I like the way I age.
It beats being a 5am-and-sitting-by-the-road-emoing-with-a-friend-who-probably-just-wants-to-go-home teen/tween. Not that I was ever like that, but you get the picture.
I like being self-assured; not because I have deluded ideas about how great I am, but because I'm comfortable with who I am.
But I must stress, that being comfortable, does not equate to being satisfied.

And I do wonder if I'm more of an anomaly, rather than the norm.
I guess these thoughts come because I have been re-reading and re-watching Naruto. And the scene where Tsunade observes that Konoha has plenty of strong-mind children (kudos to the 3rd Hokage) has somehow been floating in my subconsciousness.
I wish I could say that of the youngsters around me, or those I hear about, but obviously I can't.
We're breeding generations of weak children whose greatest hardship is having to take public bus home from school, whose greatest regret is... Ok I shan't say it.
Whose definitions of weak and strong are built around how aggressively you put your point across, whose paths to success and failure are carved by utilising (or NOT utilising) ones sexuality.

It is both annoying and disturbing. And I can't say which holds the greater percentage in my heart.
All I can say is, somehow I care. Even if it's against my own wishes.

But yes, there IS such a thing as caring too much.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Evening at ECP

Dinner at the lagoon hawker centre.
Camera settings on scene mode, sunset.

Happy family gathering

My age, and also a very nice looking bar/live band/dinner place by the beach.
Near the big splash.

The side of twentysix which is facing the pedestrian/cycling tracks.
I like the colours of this one.

I've also been very inspired by camera+. It's a fab little app for iPhones which turns you into an instant pro.
Check out this blog if you don't believe me...
Love it!!!


a few places to go to this year!
1. thailand
2. japan
3. Universal studios
4. botanical gardens

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Housewarming; Pinnacle@Duxton

Popped by Sock's new pad and I discovered a few things:

1) pinnacle @ duxton is a really nice place for photography. It doesn't matter how lousy a camera you have, or how bad your skills are, it's almost impossible to make it look bad.

2) having few material objects makes you feel very free. Material things burden me... They take up space... And memories. So I shall strive to have fewer material objects, and throw away what I can.

3) moving out on your own, is slowly gaining popularity among the generation y's. Why wait til you get married? There's no price too much to pay for freedom!

4) loose waisted tops + arched back make me look... Maternal. (and my hair is very long!!!!)

And well, just to end of, here's a snapshot of the happy little group enjoying the sunset...