Tuesday, May 03, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Housewarming; Pinnacle@Duxton

Popped by Sock's new pad and I discovered a few things:

1) pinnacle @ duxton is a really nice place for photography. It doesn't matter how lousy a camera you have, or how bad your skills are, it's almost impossible to make it look bad.

2) having few material objects makes you feel very free. Material things burden me... They take up space... And memories. So I shall strive to have fewer material objects, and throw away what I can.

3) moving out on your own, is slowly gaining popularity among the generation y's. Why wait til you get married? There's no price too much to pay for freedom!

4) loose waisted tops + arched back make me look... Maternal. (and my hair is very long!!!!)

And well, just to end of, here's a snapshot of the happy little group enjoying the sunset...

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