Tuesday, May 31, 2011

[PHOTOBLOG] Marina Barrage

A relatively unknown sweet spot on this island, Marina Barrage attracts many, for different reasons.

Car Park B is where you will be redirected to when the main car park outside Marina Barrage is full.
Overgrown n and teeming with bird life.

Birds, bird enthusiasts, bird photographers.

A little Peaceful Dove strutting around the parking lot.

Marina Bay Sands as seen from Marina South.

From the inside of the Barrage.

The highest point of the arch.

With an owl nestling at the highest point of the arch.

The Singapore Flyer, through a sculpture.

And random other scenery shots:

A Tesla Roadster, uses less electricity than a desktop, takes just one hour to charge up, and runs for a few hundred km.

Sunset! :)

And a parting shot.

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