Sunday, August 26, 2012

The International... So Far.

I'm finally recovering from the 20+ hour flight, 2 days later.

day 0 can be read here :
and day 1 here :

as an unofficial add on to these 2 posts though, i've got a bunch of photos to share.

day 0, Living in Transit :

xy, being very tired at Dubai while waiting for our connecting flight to Seattle.

ice and i, on the way to the valve office

xy me and aloy trotting along

while waiting for the traffic light

the guys entering the Valve building

Group stages revealed!!

hy, spoilt for choice. valve is well prepared for a zombie apocalypse.

the simlarly well stocked ladies. never seen a larger bottle of listerine in my life.

photo wall of photos from valve's filming, and The International 2

i found scythe!

the training room, with orange and EG.

a short video to show how the bootcamp room is like. i believe its where portal 2 was.