Saturday, September 30, 2006

[ 30092006 3.44am as expected... ]

yeah... i got scolded for the pics! lol... but well... i already KNEW i was gonna get scolded. haha!
anyway, who is MR ji?!
hi to you anyway!

been working at eg, and going to my sister's shop to help out tomorrow, or rather later today.
and i got a temp job at credit suisse bank... wonder how that will go... formal everyday sounds... scary.


i almost hate the way my blog is becoming a place for me to recount my days' happenings.
but well, at least it isnt a billboard proclaiming hidden messages to other people. (haha... is this a hidden message in itself? ^^V )


dota has become a fun thing to me now... its cool to yell over skype, and training with the gals is so much more fun when we squeal together and irritate the hell out of the guys in the room. lol... rather than emoing over performance...
> dont lose sight of what is important, gal! <
been seriously o2jamming alot recently... banging on the keyboard, although attracts furtive / alarmed stares from the people around, relieves an enormous amount of pent up feelings.


a bit of tiny inspiration from whats been happening over the past couple of days... its very interesting to hear different sides of the same story sometimes... i guess its even more so cos i take a neutral stand to things, and it can sometimes sound like two different stories, totally. sometimes i wonder why people bother to twist a story to their point of view... i mean, are they trying to win votes to overthrow reigning dictator or something? so what if they put another person down and make themselves look better ? in the end, everyone has their own eyes and brains to figure out how everyone is like and what the truth is. if they really want to bother to, that is. yeah, i mean, does it really make you feel that good to do something like that... so what if you "win" in the end... is the bad blood worth it... to feed your self righteousness... to feel justified...
i dont know. i'd like to say that i'm 100% as long as i can answer to myself, FC the whole world. i'm generally like that, but there are certain people who i do want on my side... people who i actually DO care about.
balance! assert your viewpoint, in a neutral way, and let people use their own eyes and brains ftw!

so i tend to take bitchings with a LARGE pinch of salt... until i have my own certain point of view, i'm just keeping my eyes open and watching my back.
on the other hand, it WOULD look like i'm some lousy two / three / multi - faced bitch, cos i'm able to sit on the fence for long periods of time. the pickets dont seem to bother me.


okaex. nitex. i doubt my sis wants a zombie in her shop tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

[ 26092006 2.41am cam-whoring. as they call it. ]

i hate the term personally, but i think that if i don't refer to it as such, no one would understand what i mean. so much for these new kitschi terms. or however you spell that other new fangled word.
anyhow, savour this post cos its one of the rare many thousand words kind. (y'know, a picture says a thousand words, so many pics = many thousand words... ? ok. nvm. )

went to my sisters shop over the weekend to help her clear old food stocks. (like she really needed help like that...) and took the opportunity to take some pics with my mum and her around the shop with enormous sun glasses on. lol... aviator style. going at $38 per pair.

yup, so thats my momma and i, sitting at my sister's cafe table. i look like a furry owl... (yar rite, wish i were that cute.) mum looks a little straggly cos i was retaking pics trying to get the best angle + lighting...

me taking an artistic pic from the reflection in a large mirror on her shop wall, can see the wallpaper which i hand coloured with markers! and various other super buyable objects. lol...
i have my mum's smile... i think.
and i look some spec(no pun intended... REALLY!)tacular fat or.

some random pic of me in Ant's specs... lol! hes so blind that he doesnt know where the camera is. ok i'm like quite blind too though... cos his highly powered specs were killing my poor perfect sighted eyes... think super stretched lens being pulled tightly by the muscles in my pupil trying to figure what the toot happened to my vision.
<^^ ok actually kel really wanted us to take this pic, cos i just cut my hair and he said ant and i looked alike, and that ant could be my older bro. horrors!

[no killing me after seeing this next pic pls... ]

and lol! some funny pic form idshaggy keke.... all the way back from avalon finals. rofl... i look like a rabbit! lol... a rabbit that just stole a bag of food and trying to act innocent. TT"
ajax, me, ice, floor, gongzu and i dunno who... looks like thomas?
ajax is like just punched someone and rubbing his fist like it hurts...
floor looks like some ah mah nagging and pointing his finger at ajax... haha...
and no comments on ice. `cept for LOL!!


ok signing out for now. just got a bunch of gosu chinese and canto songs courtesy of paulyan`. thankz yo.


Friday, September 22, 2006

[ 22092006 1.19am omgosh?! ]

training today... woot. long time no see the gals. <3 u all.
and the guys had a sidebet match. woot!
and lux treated me to teh ping! woot woot!

anyhowz, been invited to try out for a gals cs team... thinking about it kinda makes me feel stressed... cos... how to handle two competitive games + teams. gal team somemore. somehow gal teams have many many politics.

i'm curious! i wanna know! but i'm not gonna ask! the answer will appear at my footstep!

oh yeah... skype ftw. its super fun to conference call and yell over dota matches!
comfortable headset + mic required too tho...

shanu is in ns!!! he went back in alr... TT" now all the #mVp offenders will have free run of the channel...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

[ 14092006 9.42pm rare.inspiration. ]

they say singapore lacks night life. i say, think again.
if the clubbing scene, or the overnight lan available doesnt count, there's always the neighbourhood 7-11 where you can observe the REAL singapore night activities.

the bleary eyed middle aged man in a greyish singlet, probably with a pot belly, stopping by for a can of tiger beer, newspapers tucked under an armpit...
the better dressed, slightly younger man, tousled hair, dashing in for a quick take home snack during halftime...
motorbike "mina's" and "mats", helmet dangling from their forearm, sipping big gulps and eating potato chips from the back of their propped up bikes...
teens having a late night chat, sprawled on the floor / available sitting area outside the shop, armed with still-cooking instant noodles and chopsticks...
guys in caps and skateboards / skates / bicycles, canned drinks and sweets to one side as they jump and clatter around attempting to do stunts...
and of course, the friendly next door prostitute dashing in for a large pack of durex. -cheeky grin- seen before ok!

this, my friends, is the real singapore nightlife, taking place at countless outlets, everynight.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

[ 07092006 5.56pm petition ]

check this out. its a petition to throw out the catholic high principal.
though a couple of the teachers and students involved have replied asking for the matter to rest, and defending the school / principal, i agree with the general sentiment that there has to be something going on before a student would be so moved to kick up the fuss. i have a feeling that the forced donations in red packets were the start of things... money has its way of hitting a strange spot with most ppl.

makes me recall the time when carmee lim was replaced by deborah wong in RGS... man... we were sad.
carmee lim was just this super ball of inspirational energy, she was so dynamic, to the students, at least. i cannot say that i know how she was to her colleagues in the administrative position. but seeing her progress in the news every now and then since she moved on, i really have to commend her on her love for education. too often, we become numb and lose sight of what we really have a passion for...
its one of my regrets, that i couldnt be under her for a couple of years more...
[ 07092006 3.14pm sigh. ]

in the end, i still think its my fault.


-wtf mode lives up to its name.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

[ 05092006 11.59pm sigh. ]

the flowering trees are blooming again... its that time of the year...


Monday, September 04, 2006

[ 04092006 2.19am scared. ]

i cant sleep. my sleeping times are just too out of whack again. all over again. its not like i'm forcing myself to stay awake as i sometimes do.
plus i have super stiff shoulders. just too tense for my own good.

suddenly scared cos i dont want history to repeat itself.
i think i might kill myself this time round.

just took a look through the screenshots, drawings, photos in my lappy... so many memories. it all makes me smile... mostly.
finally getting a little dozey.. at 3am. GG. nm. means that i'll sleep earlier at night, i hope, so that wgt on tues will be ok...
shall proceed to catch up on bleach. i'm at epi 60 odd... zz.
no one is allowed to spoil my story. i shall have a mood bad enough to create a tornado strong enough to wipe the world out.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

[ 03092006 1.13am time... ]

already its september... 3 months more to 2007. 13 days to my mum's birthday. next year... i dont know if i should greet it with joy or trepedition. shit.. something tells me i spelt that word wrongly.
its quite scary to suddenly realise your sister is almost 30 years old... omgosh.

somehow life isnt the same anymore. a few months back, everyone was rather carefree and all happy and cheery... so many things have happened since then... i rly... well. just enjoy the memory of days past i guess. new memories will be made. why long for the past.

went to hougang suki last night with lux ant tofu (who nearly threw up after gorging himself silly) shaun eter hiro and ice. lawl... ice and i got there around 855, in time for last orders for the buffet. so we ordered like siaoz and spent the last hour eating it all up. haha... 8 servings of salmon sashimi pls?

got distracted from blogging by this link which was posted in dN*
read at your own risk. your eyes, that is.
its hilarious cos it makes fun of those KawAiI aLT CaPpErs wHo TYpE eVeRyTHiNg LikE ThIs aNd HaVe hAlF a bRaINceLl. the asian version of the dumb blonde. lol.
actually, i hope it makes fun of... i hope she/he isnt REALLY like that. omgosh! *sudden panic*