Sunday, September 03, 2006

[ 03092006 1.13am time... ]

already its september... 3 months more to 2007. 13 days to my mum's birthday. next year... i dont know if i should greet it with joy or trepedition. shit.. something tells me i spelt that word wrongly.
its quite scary to suddenly realise your sister is almost 30 years old... omgosh.

somehow life isnt the same anymore. a few months back, everyone was rather carefree and all happy and cheery... so many things have happened since then... i rly... well. just enjoy the memory of days past i guess. new memories will be made. why long for the past.

went to hougang suki last night with lux ant tofu (who nearly threw up after gorging himself silly) shaun eter hiro and ice. lawl... ice and i got there around 855, in time for last orders for the buffet. so we ordered like siaoz and spent the last hour eating it all up. haha... 8 servings of salmon sashimi pls?

got distracted from blogging by this link which was posted in dN*
read at your own risk. your eyes, that is.
its hilarious cos it makes fun of those KawAiI aLT CaPpErs wHo TYpE eVeRyTHiNg LikE ThIs aNd HaVe hAlF a bRaINceLl. the asian version of the dumb blonde. lol.
actually, i hope it makes fun of... i hope she/he isnt REALLY like that. omgosh! *sudden panic*

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