Saturday, September 30, 2006

[ 30092006 3.44am as expected... ]

yeah... i got scolded for the pics! lol... but well... i already KNEW i was gonna get scolded. haha!
anyway, who is MR ji?!
hi to you anyway!

been working at eg, and going to my sister's shop to help out tomorrow, or rather later today.
and i got a temp job at credit suisse bank... wonder how that will go... formal everyday sounds... scary.


i almost hate the way my blog is becoming a place for me to recount my days' happenings.
but well, at least it isnt a billboard proclaiming hidden messages to other people. (haha... is this a hidden message in itself? ^^V )


dota has become a fun thing to me now... its cool to yell over skype, and training with the gals is so much more fun when we squeal together and irritate the hell out of the guys in the room. lol... rather than emoing over performance...
> dont lose sight of what is important, gal! <
been seriously o2jamming alot recently... banging on the keyboard, although attracts furtive / alarmed stares from the people around, relieves an enormous amount of pent up feelings.


a bit of tiny inspiration from whats been happening over the past couple of days... its very interesting to hear different sides of the same story sometimes... i guess its even more so cos i take a neutral stand to things, and it can sometimes sound like two different stories, totally. sometimes i wonder why people bother to twist a story to their point of view... i mean, are they trying to win votes to overthrow reigning dictator or something? so what if they put another person down and make themselves look better ? in the end, everyone has their own eyes and brains to figure out how everyone is like and what the truth is. if they really want to bother to, that is. yeah, i mean, does it really make you feel that good to do something like that... so what if you "win" in the end... is the bad blood worth it... to feed your self righteousness... to feel justified...
i dont know. i'd like to say that i'm 100% as long as i can answer to myself, FC the whole world. i'm generally like that, but there are certain people who i do want on my side... people who i actually DO care about.
balance! assert your viewpoint, in a neutral way, and let people use their own eyes and brains ftw!

so i tend to take bitchings with a LARGE pinch of salt... until i have my own certain point of view, i'm just keeping my eyes open and watching my back.
on the other hand, it WOULD look like i'm some lousy two / three / multi - faced bitch, cos i'm able to sit on the fence for long periods of time. the pickets dont seem to bother me.


okaex. nitex. i doubt my sis wants a zombie in her shop tomorrow.

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