Tuesday, September 26, 2006

[ 26092006 2.41am cam-whoring. as they call it. ]

i hate the term personally, but i think that if i don't refer to it as such, no one would understand what i mean. so much for these new kitschi terms. or however you spell that other new fangled word.
anyhow, savour this post cos its one of the rare many thousand words kind. (y'know, a picture says a thousand words, so many pics = many thousand words... ? ok. nvm. )

went to my sisters shop over the weekend to help her clear old food stocks. (like she really needed help like that...) and took the opportunity to take some pics with my mum and her around the shop with enormous sun glasses on. lol... aviator style. going at $38 per pair.

yup, so thats my momma and i, sitting at my sister's cafe table. i look like a furry owl... (yar rite, wish i were that cute.) mum looks a little straggly cos i was retaking pics trying to get the best angle + lighting...

me taking an artistic pic from the reflection in a large mirror on her shop wall, can see the wallpaper which i hand coloured with markers! and various other super buyable objects. lol...
i have my mum's smile... i think.
and i look some spec(no pun intended... REALLY!)tacular fat or.

some random pic of me in Ant's specs... lol! hes so blind that he doesnt know where the camera is. ok i'm like quite blind too though... cos his highly powered specs were killing my poor perfect sighted eyes... think super stretched lens being pulled tightly by the muscles in my pupil trying to figure what the toot happened to my vision.
<^^ ok actually kel really wanted us to take this pic, cos i just cut my hair and he said ant and i looked alike, and that ant could be my older bro. horrors!

[no killing me after seeing this next pic pls... ]

and lol! some funny pic form idshaggy keke.... all the way back from avalon finals. rofl... i look like a rabbit! lol... a rabbit that just stole a bag of food and trying to act innocent. TT"
ajax, me, ice, floor, gongzu and i dunno who... looks like thomas?
ajax is like just punched someone and rubbing his fist like it hurts...
floor looks like some ah mah nagging and pointing his finger at ajax... haha...
and no comments on ice. `cept for LOL!!


ok signing out for now. just got a bunch of gosu chinese and canto songs courtesy of paulyan`. thankz yo.


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