Friday, September 22, 2006

[ 22092006 1.19am omgosh?! ]

training today... woot. long time no see the gals. <3 u all.
and the guys had a sidebet match. woot!
and lux treated me to teh ping! woot woot!

anyhowz, been invited to try out for a gals cs team... thinking about it kinda makes me feel stressed... cos... how to handle two competitive games + teams. gal team somemore. somehow gal teams have many many politics.

i'm curious! i wanna know! but i'm not gonna ask! the answer will appear at my footstep!

oh yeah... skype ftw. its super fun to conference call and yell over dota matches!
comfortable headset + mic required too tho...

shanu is in ns!!! he went back in alr... TT" now all the #mVp offenders will have free run of the channel...

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