Monday, September 04, 2006

[ 04092006 2.19am scared. ]

i cant sleep. my sleeping times are just too out of whack again. all over again. its not like i'm forcing myself to stay awake as i sometimes do.
plus i have super stiff shoulders. just too tense for my own good.

suddenly scared cos i dont want history to repeat itself.
i think i might kill myself this time round.

just took a look through the screenshots, drawings, photos in my lappy... so many memories. it all makes me smile... mostly.
finally getting a little dozey.. at 3am. GG. nm. means that i'll sleep earlier at night, i hope, so that wgt on tues will be ok...
shall proceed to catch up on bleach. i'm at epi 60 odd... zz.
no one is allowed to spoil my story. i shall have a mood bad enough to create a tornado strong enough to wipe the world out.

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