Tuesday, June 27, 2006

[ 27062006 3.47pm dawn's theory part 2 ]

after some weeks of busy-ness and silence, heres dawn's theory on what men want.

Mischz says:
aiya men rite
Mischz says:
they look for 2 things
Mischz says:
1. big breasts
2. regular/sweet face
Mischz says:
can liao
furryfish InSanity-* says:
furryfish InSanity-* says:
ok time to blog that
Mischz says:
Mischz says:
furryfish InSanity-* says:
Mischz says:
thats my impression
Mischz says:
although they always deny it
Mischz says:
Hmm.. actually hor.
Mischz says:
NO leh. They like those cute sort. demure, complying. figure nice is advantage. cannot be too tall <-- very impt
furryfish InSanity-* says:
k blogged
furryfish InSanity-* says:
Mischz says:
Mischz says:
u find it amusing issit
Mischz says:
sg guys also sub standard .. << must blog this
furryfish InSanity-* says:
furryfish InSanity-* says:
k that i agree to
furryfish InSanity-* says:
like cfm agree to

lol... so guys... how true is this!

joie's coming back to sg today! after 6 years of not seeing her, and little contact... i'm actually gonna see her again...

on yet another note, CaLz is playing WL for our round 6 gxl. lol... maybe we should fix it 1-1. all X3M anyway!
k just kidding. we'll slug it out as usual... -_-"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

[ 10062006 4.35am cute orrrrrrrrrrrrr... ]

the doraemon dinosaur... looks like someone i know.

cute orrrrrrrrr orrrrrrrr orrrrrrrrrrr...

[ 10062006 4.07am loler night ]

went out with a big group in two cars with a bunch of dota ppl, to changi village. just got back and stuff.
shan, dej, dawn, bryan, nic, hilary, kel, hero, daryl and i. and carol, the dog. we all gathered at egames, and waited for my shift to end (yes, i was working there today...) and for their games to end. then we zoomed off to changi village. had nasi lemak and satay for supper. after which we moved to F. U cafe (thats how its PRONOUNCED... in actual fact, its AIR FIELD cafe) and had drinks and chatted.

some loler stuff that happened...

dej talks abt how mVp multi clanners are given warnings and even kicked out of the clan.
ice says huh, i multi clan also wat... they never say anything to me.
dej replies matter of factly, you're important wat.
(to dawn's and my consternation... >.< )
dawn and i exchange pained looks... after which i exclaim, dej, WHY do you play to him... tell me WHY... u NOOB...


at the F. U cafe, daryl stands up to get us drinks.
me : dawn, wat u want?
dawn : err... green tea lah. who getting
/me points
dawn : o, but i dont want ice leh...

talk abt unwanted... LOL


also at F. U cafe
/dej playing with his shorts string in an obscene way
me : omgosh dej wat u doing...
dej : see how long it is lor... its getting out of hand.
me : @#$@#$@#
kel : later all the transies get the wrong idea! then they grab you into the car and drive off.


anyhow, shan is mean! she says i live in china. haha...
nm i still <3> her.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[ 06062006 6.54pm erg. ]

6606... nice date or... no wonder today feels like such an evil day. havent been eating cos i have a wicked sore throat thingy... complete with bloody phlegm. as in, phlegm with blood.
anyhowz, gxl has been quite a pain the ass for the last 2 weeks or so, lets hope it picks up from here.
ok time to cut the complaining. theres lots in my life to be thankful for. ^^
one of them being my beautiful diamondback which just feels so good to hold. lol... it looks so good sitting on my steelpad.
am i obsessed or am i obsessed. its been a year since i've had it, and i still fall in love with it everytime i take a look at it.
the past couple of weeks have been good, my parents have been laying off on me, somehow, like, just letting me do what i want. which is quite unusual. it feels ALMOST like i'm back in hostel.

okaay... there was something else i wanted to talk about, but i somehow cannot remember what it was.
havent tawned ecp + bbq for a while... lol...

O. bbq on monday night. how warped is that. just thinking abt jb's birthday bbq a few weeks back... lol...

bunch of compies coming up, lynx, vrzone -ar -dm compie, and of course, more gxl matches.

i need to diversify what i do with my life. i feel like my sphere of influence is way too small. and centred around too few things. i needa catch up with people. and eat some stuff. <-- ok thats cos i feel a little starved now.

Friday, June 02, 2006

[ 02062006 4.19am bus ? ]

gets on bus.
no money in ezlink.
pays 70cents, which is 15cents more than required.
uncle demands 90cents for the journey.
claims student-hood, therefore 70cents is sufficient.
uncle demands proof.
takes out student pass, shows photo.
uncle says (direct translation) open up big big for me to see!
dulan-ly takes the whole pass out, " you driving can see meh?!"
uncle finally dispenses ticket, reluctantly, after squinting at the pass suspiciously.

who asked you to be 190cm tall.
of cos uncle will feel like he's being scammed.


v6.33 is out. omgosh... lich attack range is nerfed! TT
tml = chiong game day!
as for gxl, the teams this week, have all seemed to have pulled out on us! ji dan gao or ?


pretty uneventful... eswc, gxl...
OO... audition for shoutcasting. status : awaiting bryan's (productions guy) call.