Saturday, June 10, 2006

[ 10062006 4.07am loler night ]

went out with a big group in two cars with a bunch of dota ppl, to changi village. just got back and stuff.
shan, dej, dawn, bryan, nic, hilary, kel, hero, daryl and i. and carol, the dog. we all gathered at egames, and waited for my shift to end (yes, i was working there today...) and for their games to end. then we zoomed off to changi village. had nasi lemak and satay for supper. after which we moved to F. U cafe (thats how its PRONOUNCED... in actual fact, its AIR FIELD cafe) and had drinks and chatted.

some loler stuff that happened...

dej talks abt how mVp multi clanners are given warnings and even kicked out of the clan.
ice says huh, i multi clan also wat... they never say anything to me.
dej replies matter of factly, you're important wat.
(to dawn's and my consternation... >.< )
dawn and i exchange pained looks... after which i exclaim, dej, WHY do you play to him... tell me WHY... u NOOB...


at the F. U cafe, daryl stands up to get us drinks.
me : dawn, wat u want?
dawn : err... green tea lah. who getting
/me points
dawn : o, but i dont want ice leh...

talk abt unwanted... LOL


also at F. U cafe
/dej playing with his shorts string in an obscene way
me : omgosh dej wat u doing...
dej : see how long it is lor... its getting out of hand.
me : @#$@#$@#
kel : later all the transies get the wrong idea! then they grab you into the car and drive off.


anyhow, shan is mean! she says i live in china. haha...
nm i still <3> her.

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