Tuesday, June 06, 2006

[ 06062006 6.54pm erg. ]

6606... nice date or... no wonder today feels like such an evil day. havent been eating cos i have a wicked sore throat thingy... complete with bloody phlegm. as in, phlegm with blood.
anyhowz, gxl has been quite a pain the ass for the last 2 weeks or so, lets hope it picks up from here.
ok time to cut the complaining. theres lots in my life to be thankful for. ^^
one of them being my beautiful diamondback which just feels so good to hold. lol... it looks so good sitting on my steelpad.
am i obsessed or am i obsessed. its been a year since i've had it, and i still fall in love with it everytime i take a look at it.
the past couple of weeks have been good, my parents have been laying off on me, somehow, like, just letting me do what i want. which is quite unusual. it feels ALMOST like i'm back in hostel.

okaay... there was something else i wanted to talk about, but i somehow cannot remember what it was.
havent tawned ecp + bbq for a while... lol...

O. bbq on monday night. how warped is that. just thinking abt jb's birthday bbq a few weeks back... lol...

bunch of compies coming up, lynx, vrzone -ar -dm compie, and of course, more gxl matches.

i need to diversify what i do with my life. i feel like my sphere of influence is way too small. and centred around too few things. i needa catch up with people. and eat some stuff. <-- ok thats cos i feel a little starved now.

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