Friday, June 02, 2006

[ 02062006 4.19am bus ? ]

gets on bus.
no money in ezlink.
pays 70cents, which is 15cents more than required.
uncle demands 90cents for the journey.
claims student-hood, therefore 70cents is sufficient.
uncle demands proof.
takes out student pass, shows photo.
uncle says (direct translation) open up big big for me to see!
dulan-ly takes the whole pass out, " you driving can see meh?!"
uncle finally dispenses ticket, reluctantly, after squinting at the pass suspiciously.

who asked you to be 190cm tall.
of cos uncle will feel like he's being scammed.


v6.33 is out. omgosh... lich attack range is nerfed! TT
tml = chiong game day!
as for gxl, the teams this week, have all seemed to have pulled out on us! ji dan gao or ?


pretty uneventful... eswc, gxl...
OO... audition for shoutcasting. status : awaiting bryan's (productions guy) call.

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