Monday, October 17, 2011

the difference is...

i'm a competitive gamer, not a gamer.
i say this, because there are huge distinctions between a normal gamer, and a competitive gamer.

the main distinction is that a competitive gamer spends inordinate amounts of time on one game.
its not possible to be better through natural skill alone, which is why competitive gamers need to spend a lot of time trying to make the difference in skill between themselves and their competitors greater.

honestly, if i were a guy, i'd probably have given up competitive gaming a while back, because i'm nowhere compared to the top gamers, and i know my place, capabilities and schedule. but luckily for me, i'm female, and there's more of a fighting chance for me within my gender group.

gamers on the other hand, don't have to stop trying to level up, or kill that next boss, or better their lap timing, simply because they're mostly doing it for personal satisfaction and bragging rights. there's never a REASON for them to quit, or retire, because its just something they enjoy!

the focus and motivations, whilst there in great quantities, are pretty different.

anyhow, take a look at this article about why gamers make good body builders.
its makes some kind of sense, strangely!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


LF : web design / photoshop courses!
any good, recognised certifications and schools to recommend?
part time studying!
oh well, i don’t really expect any replies on this, but i guess there’s no harm asking.
in the meantime, i’ll do some searching on my own.
i do also want to take jlpt, but i figure that i’d need to go do lots of revision first and do a refresher course.
other than that, i still have my powerboat certification to take, a flea market this sat, and a part time job intro to attend.
WTB more time!!!